Tuesday, November 22

The Ring Which Disappeared And Then Reappeared

wedding ring
Following yesterday's post, 333 And A Paranormal Ring Or Perhaps Not, about my wife's wedding ring rolling across our bedroom floor I received the following via email, which also features a ring.

I can only take the story at face value. I say this because I realise some readers are bound to say that what happened is simply fiction and couldn't possibly be true. Anyway, see what you think and my thanks to JC who sent this to me.

"I had a strange thing happen where my wedding band disappeared and reappeared on my hand. This dumbfounded me and my reasoning fails to explain this phenomena.

I had my wedding ring on this morning when I woke. I never take it off unless I wash my hands or take a shower. After my morning shower I know I put it back on.

At 11:45am this morning I had a chiropractic appointment. While there I used a hand sanitizer that was by the receptionist's desk. I took off my ring and placed it on the counter and rubbed the sanitizer into my hands. I then put the ring back on.

After the chiropractor, my wife had a hair dressing appointment.

I visited some shops on my own and then sat in the salon waiting until my wife was done.  I read a magazine, and  glanced at my hand as I turned the pages. I noticed the ring was gone, I could  feel the absence of the ring from my finger.

After her hair appointment we then went shopping at the mall. The ring was missing the entire time, and I kept wondering what had happened to it. The band fits snug and couldn't just slip off.

After the mall and all that running about getting food and  DVD rentals we returned home.

Here's the crazy and almost comical part. I was in the rest room sitting on the toilet and just as mysteriously as the ring had vanished it reappeared!

I felt the presence of my ring on my finger, looked at my hand and there it was as if it had been there all along.

I cannot explain how it disappeared and then reappeared as if by  magic.

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  1. After reading your blog virtually every day I've come to believe that almost anything is possible! Even rings disappearing and then returning. Why not?

  2. What a terrific story. And why shouldn't something like this be possible? It's a more extreme example of a lost wallet or books or some other personal object returning to its owner after months or years.

  3. not so sure about this myself as i find things like this hard to believe but you never know

  4. Mike,
    A bit off topic here,but I was just reading Caiseal Mor's new book "What is Magic?"
    (maybe not so off topic after all.-)
    and decided to pop over to his website and saw these orbs he and his wife Helen had captured at Cornwall on camera.


    He said they were taken in Saint Nechtan's Glen,Cornwall.I was wondering if you were familiar with this area?
    I remembered you featuring his music clip "Pilgrimage" on your blog a few weeks back,so I thought you might be interested.
    I'm yet to run into Caiseal in this life,even though we grew up less than 2 miles away in Brisbane.

  5. Anonymous11:29

    I totally believe you. It just happened to me in front of the computer as I watching live streaming. My ring on my right hand vanished. I emailed my friend right away since its too late to call her. Then I searched the internet to see if it ever happened to anyone else. Im kind of weirded out by it.

  6. Anonymous22:58

    I found your post after the same happened to me, I am still baffled by it. I was sitting at my desk when I happened to look down at my finger and my wedding band was gone. I started to think where it might have fallen off, or had I taken it off. I had been sitting for about two hours, I started to tear the desk apart looking for it. I gave up. About 15 minutes later, I looked down and there was my ring on my finger. I was shocked, still can not comprehend how it vanished and reappeared.

  7. Dorothy (Dot)15:00

    Glad I read your blog as I thought I was going mad.

    I married thirty years ago and rarely take my wedding ring off my finger, most likely only three or four times during that period.

    Last week I got home from my job as usual and went upstairs to change my clothes from my more formal work outfit.

    After I was dressed again I noticed my wedding ring was missing. Panic set in but I thought I must have somehow pulled it off my finger as I changed my clothes.

    I searched everywhere in the bedroom, shook my work clothes and scoured the floor but no ring to be seen anywhere.

    I was really in a state as the ring means everything to me as my wonderful husband died last year. I cling to those memories in any way I can.

    That night I couldn't relax and felt very tearful. I went to bed and after a lot of tossing and turning fell asleep.

    During the noise there was a bump like noise, it's the only way I can describe it like someone had knocked something.

    As I was awake I went to the bathroom. As I returned to bed I touched my left hand with my right and there was my wedding ring on my wedding finger.

    I can't explain how it got there. All I can say is that it went missing and the ring returned by itself.

    I told my daughter but she says I must have imagined it. I began to doubt myself but now I realise it has happened to others.