Friday, December 16

The Negative Energy Cold Treatment


I've had a bit of a cold or 'MAN-flu' as we would probably describe it in England.  Well us men do get it so much worse, don't we!

It's the first cold I've had for years. I'm usually very lucky and avoid the sniffles when everyone else is sneezing away.

At five o'clock yesterday evening I had a thumping headache and my son, daughter-in-law and grandson called in to see us. I immediately started playing with 16 month old Samuel, crawling about the floor, playing hide and seek and generally having a happy time.

After about 90 minutes they went home.  It was then I realised that my headache was completely gone.

This got me thinking about energy in general. I hoped I hadn't leached any of little Samuel's supply. I certainly didn't intend to do so, and it didn't look as if I had as he left full of energy and smiles.

We always seem to be interacting with others for a supply of energy.  We only have to think of some acquaintances who seem to drain us of energy by their manner or negativity.  They really do suck the energy out of us.

But we don't need to steal energy.  We simply need a balance of positive and negative energy to achieve, what the Rosicrucian's call, harmonium.

Problems come when we become either too negative or too positive. Let's look, for example at the common cold.

Colds need a negative treatment and what follows is a simple something we can do to help ourselves.

The Negative Treatment

Sit comfortably, feet squarely on the floor and touching each other.  Hold your hands at chest level with the fingers touching each other i.e. thumb to thumb, forefinger to forefinger and so on.

Close the eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale fully and once the the lungs are as empty as possible, hold this for the count of five. Then breath easily in and out slowly for six breaths until relaxed.

Next repeat holding the breath out - as before - for the count of five.

Repeat the whole procedure for six times and then breath normally - and then put out of your mind the exercise.  Don't start wondering if it will help and so on. Do it and forget it. The result will follow.

Okay, so that is the Negative Treatment now we'll move on to the Positive Treatment - which will counteract a negative condition.

The Positive Treatment

Sit comfortably, feet squarely on the floor but with the feet separated this time. Let your hands lie on your knees or on your lap - but not touching each other.

Touch together the index finger, middle finger and the thumb of each hand - in a triangle like hold.

Once feeling fully relaxed take a deep breath and hold this for a count of seven.  On seven release it easily.

Rest, breathing normally, and then take a deep breath and holding it as before for the count of seven.

Repeat the whole process until you have completed it seven times. And then put the whole procedure out of your mind. Do it and forget it.

I've kept these exercises, based on Rosicrucian teachings,  very simplistic.  They are by no means a cure all but if they appeal they will no doubt lead to other things. Once we try to help ourselves we normally receive further assistance.

Other things also help us to accumulate a balance of energy and harmonium: proper food, moderating the lower emotions, thinking clearly and positively, laughter, contemplating beauty in all its forms and so on.

As I see it, it's up to us to help ourselves as best we can. The answers are out there.

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  1. My BF gets man-flu, so I know the agonies associated with it lol

    Interesting about those breathing exercises. And also some people do seem to sap energy but there are others who seemed to boost us - like your Samuel did with you.

  2. Informative post, Mike. Thanks! I'm going to print this and put it on my wall!

  3. The negative treatment is supposed to be done a total of five times not six. I've done these exercises for years and I'm never sick so they do work.