Thursday, December 15

The Red Balloon Coincidence Video

red balloon coincidence clipartOn the 24th of May 2010 I wrote a post called The Red Balloon Coincidence. It got quite a bit of attention at the time and had well over 60,000 visits. I also did a follow up post on the story The Red Balloon Coincidence Update.

I have now come across a YouTube video of the same story and actually featuring the people involved i.e. the two Laura Buxtons and their families. Stories like this are always knocked and the skeptics have a field day - even though they are true. One wrote: "... this solitary, lofty balloon would set in motion a chain of events so strange, it's even difficult for those involved to believe. Of course it's strange and difficult to believe ... because it's complete bullsh*t."

There are those who refuse to accept such things, but that's fine. Anyway, here's the video (less than 3 minutes long), plus please read my original posts if you haven't done so.

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  1. I remember reading this story on your blog ages ago and also the follow up from the children's mother.

    It's one of the best coincidences.

  2. Anonymous09:48

    A nice video which compliements your original post. Always enjoy looking at your blog. Grace

  3. It sure is an incredible story,but it is my experience that these things do happen on a daily basis.
    The universe is operating in ways that do seem truly miraculous to the doubting Thomas.But it is clear when you look around that there is a hidden hand operating behind the scenes that takes supposedly,what seems like billion to one odds of an event like this happening to the average person,become a common occurrence.
    In fact,I'll bet good money that if you were to follow the lives of these two girls,the events would only get stranger to the point that the skeptic quoted above would not just be saying "complete B#!!s#!t!" he'll be saying "this is complete Whale s#!t with Elephant s#!t on top!".
    And if I was in his shoes maybe I would be saying the same thing.But I know from personal experience that these things happen and happen frequently.In fact too often for the world to be made up of totally random events.
    A million to one event happened to me just this morning,but it's too long to write about here,so I'll do a post in the coming days about it,and even though it may seem like an isolated event,it is actually an ongoing chain of events.
    And I'm not some special person,everybody is capable of experiencing things like this.
    The secret is to be willing to be lead by your gut feelings and to push the rational mind to the back of the bus and go on a magical mystery tour.Don't be frightened to be driven around by gut feelings,because they seem to know the best routes to take.
    I'll bet good money again that the little girl had a strong gut feeling to do this balloon experiment,maybe even bordering on a compulsion to do it.
    Try it,and watch as the "miracles" start happening in your own life.

  4. Wow. This synchro brings together so many elements. The parallels are like those between identical twins separated at birth, whose lives follow identical tracks.

  5. Thanks for the comments: Suzie, Grace, Darren and Trish.

    Darren: Don't be frightened to be driven around by gut feelings - you are exactly right! If we follow our feelings we are playing the role we are meant to play - and 'things' fall into place.