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Receiving White Feathers From The Dead

white feather
I have written a few posts about White Feathers and how they may well be a symbol or a message from those who have died. From time to time I get stories from other readers about how white feathers have brought them comfort when they have lost a loved one.  Here are a few such stories, some of the writers wish to remain anonymous.

I have lost a close friend and had three funerals in the last three months which has been difficult.

After the funeral of the premature and sudden death of my friend, two feathers were on the floor of the car, no idea how they got there. Then a few days later, I was speaking with one of his other close friends on the phone. She was still in shock. I then left the house to go shopping and next to my car on the bush, there was a small white feather. It gave me comfort so I have it on my bedside locker now.

I am sure there is some link to the afterlife and this is a good one.

I lost my 21 year old son almost 2 months ago. He died after having a seizure in the shower.

Last night I was reading a book while having a bubble bath. I decided to finish the book in bed. When I opened the book, there was a big fluffy white feather on the very page I had stopped reading. I was blown away. I never took such things seriously before.

I cannot find any other explanation though, other than it was placed in a closed book by a spirit, my son's I believe.

Hi Mike:

I write because a friend forwarded your blog-link.

Funny, now that I'm 63 I can't remember when I started seeing the white feathers. [I've got a little homestead we call "White Feather Ranch."]

Anyway, my brother had committed suicide, our family was in pain and I think they probably started falling then and ever since they have just shown up and I've really never connected them with any particular event or thought that I can remember. [It is getting harder these days! My sisters may have a better recollection...ha!]

Anyway, I can remember sitting at a pool telling my sister about the white feathers when, out of the blue..ha, one floats down from nowhere. Yes, these are indications of some sort. Shall we investigate? Or, just let them underscore our delight! This is what I shall always do...delight in their existence in my life!

Hi Our baby girl was born sleeping last week and my partner just walked outside and a white feather flew down in front of him. I looked on the net and found your post, its lovely to think its her.

I'm a manual worker, a bricklayer, so I work in a hard environment. I only say this to show that I'm no tree hugging hippy.

My mother died of cancer. She was 58 and it hit me real bad. My brothers seemed to be able to take it in their stride but I couldn't and even went to see a medium. The problem was that I arrived at ma's house about half an hour after she had died. I got stuck in traffic but my brothers were there. They say that she asked why I wasn't there.

The medium played a guessing game and was no help at all. Then I looked at the Internet and came across this white feather business. This helped because I remember that the day after ma died there was a white feather on my tools at the building site. A big fluffy one.

After I read about this sort of thing happening on the Internet I've noticed and found lots of white feathers. There was one in my conservatory last night. I've no idea how it got there as all the doors were closed. I'm beginning to believe that these are messages from ma to say she's OK and she forgives me for not being with her when she died. I hope so.

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  1. It's good to see the ripples of comfort your blog sends out to people Mike.
    Either white feathers are signs from the departed to comfort the living or they are just comforting coincidences.What does it matter,as long as it brings comfort to the bereaved?
    Personally,I believe they are signs to the living.Since hearing of these white feather "coincidences" I have been looking high and low for white feathers on a daily basis for the last 3 years...I don't need one as a sign,I'm just curious as to how often you would come across them in a normal day.As of this writing I have nothing to show for my efforts.
    So...what are the odds,if I can't actively find one in three years of looking,that you and these other people here can find them at personally significant moments?
    And there are plenty of white cockatoo's that fly over my house everyday,but they don't seem to want to share their feathers with you might have to send me one of yours Mike ?-)

    Keep spreading the comfort.

  2. I always love these stories as they give hope to others, the hope that their loved ones live on.

    I believe we do live after death but at certain times my faith does drop. These sort of stories give me a boost - thanks, Mike.

  3. Wonderful! People are finding comfort. I'm beginning to believe that the white feather phenomenon is an emerging archetype. Great collection of stories, Mike.

  4. Darren: Interesting that you haven't found a white feather in 3 years. Probably the best way to find one is not to look for them - they simply appear.

    Suzie: Keep believing!

    Trish: I get more correspondence about white feathers than anything else on my blogs.

  5. Anonymous00:16

    Mike, I have a story about a white dove if doves mean anything.

    One day I came home from work and a white dove was perched on my front steps that lead up to the front door of my house. No doves or birds of anykind where ever on my steps.

    This white dove would not move to let me by. I made noises, waved my hand, stared at the dove...nothing happened.

    Finally I went in the back door of my house. I looked out the window and this one lone white dove was still on the front steps at 4pm-5pm-6pm.

    At 7pm that night I received a urgent phone call saying my aunt had suddenly passed away that afternoon. I looked out the window one last time and the dove flew away never to come back at all on any day.

    I Dont know for sure if that means anything but I think it does. thanks, Dan

  6. Anonymous22:46

    My wife's elderly father died last Thursday evening.
    The funeral was this morning (Sunday). After the service, we proceeded to a nearby restaurant for a lunch get together for about twenty family members.
    We parked the car; my wife and I were walking across an open air plaza to the restaurant. Half way there, a soft downy white feather came floating down right in front of us! It nearly landed on my nose! I commented to the wife, "Isn't that odd?"...for it
    is rainy and blustery today (Connecticut, Hurricane
    approaching)...not a bird to be seen in the sky!
    I thought about it afterward so I googled it and
    came to this site...I saw it with my own eyes;
    can offer no "rational explanation"...I am now
    sort of a believer!

    John S