Tuesday, February 28

A Message Of Hope From The Angels

Angel of hope

Lorna Byrne from Ireland has been seeing angels since she was a small child.  In fact, when young, she was so preoccupied with them that doctors considered that she may well be 'retarded' - an unpleasant word sometimes used at the time.

According to Lorna there are millions of angels and - because most of us don't call on them for help and assistance - many of them are sitting about with nothing to do. Perhaps we should put this right!

So what do these angels look like? Well, it seems, they might be golden or blue or any colour, other than black and they come in all different sizes and can be male or female.

Angels tend to glow but I was disappointed to hear that they don't necessarily have wings.  I've always thought of angels as being synonymous with wings.

Now, again according to Lorna, we all have our own guardian angel who only looks after us as individuals and these tend to appear like a column of light.

These guardian angels have the ability to call on all sorts of other angels for even the most mundane of assistance like, say, when we have a problem with the car or the household plumbing. There are others that will be there for us at more important times: during medical problems and surgical operations.

Angels place an invisible shawl around the shoulders of  long married couples.  If the relationship then slips into difficulties it will because the shawl has slipped and needs putting back in place.

Angels also do a spot of match making for the unattached if needed.  These angels of love pair off couples by putting a golden thread around them and they don't just confine this to heterosexuals. Same sex couples get the same help.

Many people will mock the very thought of angels but lets open our minds and think that this may just be possible.  I'm sure we've all heard tales of how a guardian angel has plucked someone to safety in an emergency or something similar.

In all honesty I don't communicate with angels myself directly but there again perhaps I do.  If something goes missing, for an example, I often ask nobody in particular to help me find the item. I'd say words similar to: 'Please help me find my keys.'  And when whatever it is, is found I say, 'thanks,' while looking upwards. No idea where I got this habit from, it's just with me.

I use the same procedure if the car breaks down or I'm lost.  I'll ask for help to fix the car or with finding the way I should be going. So perhaps the angels have and do help me at times.

I've always believed in life: if you don't ask, you don't get.  And I remember back in my management days I'd say: if you don't tell, you won't sell. Though that's something different from asking angels, who knows what we could achieve with the help of the angels - but if we don't ask ...

Book: A Message of Hope from the Angels by Lorna Byrne
Short three minute video: An Interview With Lorna Byrne

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  1. Gosh, thought I'd come to the wrong place: very posh! As for angels, wouldn't mind some help from them if they are sitting about doing nothing.

    1. Thanks Suzie, hope life has slowed a little for you.

  2. The idea of angels just sitting around and doing nothing...well, okay, I'm asking now, I'm asking!

  3. Nice new look. :D
    Angels everywhere has been part of my belief system since childhood. I was not pleased with this during my teens when I wanted to do stuff that was considered - bad.
    Now I enjoy knowing there is benevolent energy around me and all who I love, at all times, while we live our human experience.

    1. How were you aware of them? A feeling? Love your final words about a benevolent energy - very comforting.

  4. I can't help but think how many lives could have been changed if only they'd asked. Pride so often gets in the way. Lovely post Mike, thanks.

    1. Thanks Chris. I remember the problem with pride when I was young, but I eventually realised there was nothing wrong with asking for or accepting help.

  5. Sarah21:01

    I've been taught healing and with it came the abililty to call in Angelic help when needed. I do not see them but nearly always sence a change in the energy and feel the sensation of deep peace. Nearly always I hesitate before asking to use their time, but again and again I have been told that they are there to assist people for the Higher Good and not to be afraid to ask for help. It might seem too simplistic but a simple, heartfelt request works the best - oh and a sincere thank you!