Friday, March 23

Hidden Messages In Water Can Change Our Bodies

How meditation effects water crystals

Below is a six minute video I came across which got me thinking!

The video is about how water can be changed by meditation or even the right words. A Dr Masaru Emoto carried out experiments of the effect of meditation on water. In brief the water crystals changed to beautiful patterns like snowflakes. These were photographed via a dark-field microscope.

One of the messages, I guess, is: As 90% of our bodies are water imagine what our thoughts can do for us. We too can create beautiful patterns or the opposite. So it must be beneficial for us to think and speak in a proper, positive, loving way.

Anyway, enough of my waffle, here's the video:

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  1. Emoto's books are fantastic and beautifully illustrated.

  2. Here's something interesting;
    when you get to about the 4:27 mark in the You Tube above,the frame shows four water crystals 'before meditation'.
    In the top left-hand corner of the screen is a crystal formation that looks very similar to the symbol on the You Tube frame (next to the clock symbol,which is next to the You Tube logo on the bottom right-hand corner of the frame).
    I wondered what the symbol stood for on the frame and ran my cursor over it...and it said
    'Change Quality'!?!

    1. Well spotted! You are more observant than I am - 'quality change', that's quite remarkable.

  3. Also,here is another sync.
    I just finished reading Daniel Pinchbeck's book
    "2012:The Return of Quetzalcoatl"
    Loved it,by the way...and went over to
    "Reality Sandwich" to watch a video between Daniel and Russell Brand called
    "There be Dragon's".

    Now I'm not a big fan at all of Russell Brand,but I have to say this was a very interesting talk.
    And guess what? Russell mentions Dr Masaru Emoto,not once,but twice during this talk.
    Another thing in the Pinchbeck video that made me think of you Mike,is right at the end of the video a bird flies off the 'Reality Sandwich' logo,leaving behind a single feather which falls back to earth from the sky...although it was a red feather.

    1. As I've said before I think I miss a lot of stuff I perhaps should be noticing. Must get more switched on. Thanks for the link.