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How To Become Wealthy: Steps To Wealth Part 1

Steps To Wealth
Wealth means different things to different people. To someone on Social Security, and living in a bedsit, it could mean their own apartment and regular employment, but what would it mean to a millionaire? Another yacht, a few more millions, several more houses? Who knows? Wealth is an individual thing. What I think of as wealth could be something completely opposite to your ideal. Your own definition may not even include too many material things. Perhaps happiness, relationships, good health or something spiritual are more important. It doesn’t really matter.

The important thing is that you can attain your wishes if you go about playing the game of life properly.

I realise that this is quite a sweeping statement but I nevertheless believe it to be true. You and I have the ability to control our lives. Fate is often used as an excuse for not achieving and realising our true potential. It is so much easier just to say, "It wasn’t meant to be," or, "I could never do that." It is also true that life can throw up a lot of obstacles in our path, but many of these we cultivate and bring upon ourselves. Just as we can create disappointments, difficulties and problems we can also create happiness, prosperity and good fortune. The choice is ours.

Whatever our present lifestyle this can be changed beyond recognition within two years. This can be for the better or for the worse. Our future days and years are based upon our thoughts, words, deeds, actions and beliefs of today. If we can control these five things we can be master of our own universe.

The First Step.

Before any of us can bring about what we believe to be our perfect life we need to know exactly what it is that we really want. We wouldn’t go to a railway station and ask for a ticket, without knowing where it was we actually we wanted to go. It is the same with achieving our wishes. We have to know precisely where we want to end up. Is it a nice little semi-detached house or a mansion by the sea? What income do we want? How much money in the bank? And with whom do we want to be sharing our lives - and what about being happy? Money isn’t much good if we are depressed and miserable. Good health is also important.

We have to sit down and really think what it is that we want - in detail. It can be a long job deciding, but it shouldn’t be treated as a chore. When we know what our desires really are we can start achieving them.

Once you have finally decided what you want put your thoughts on paper.

To some, sitting down and thinking about, and then writing out, what they really want from life will seem a waste of time or they may feel silly or embarrassed doing so. It is, however, one of the most productive ways to spend a day. We can all learn a lot from this exercise about the life we are leading, where we want to go, relationships and we could even discover the real purpose of our life and the true meaning. It is possible that we may reach the conclusion that we want something completely different to what we first thought. Perhaps money and possessions aren’t really that important after all. Our true vocation may be something more like helping or sharing with other people in some way. Is this what would make us happy?

Whatever is on your list must be your own thoughts and ambitions and not those of a relation, spouse, teacher or be something that you have been taught or brainwashed with since childhood. It is important to keep secret any wishes that you feel those close to you may laugh at or criticise. Other peoples’ negative comments can deflect us away from the things that we really want and need to express to reach fulfilment.

Once you have completed your list you need to divide your wishes into three sections.

1. What you want right now.
2. Your medium term wishes and ambitions.
3. Your long term perfect life.

Under section 1 you may have such things as paying off your credit card, spending more time with the children, losing a few pounds in weight, earning more commission, being more understanding with your spouse, getting a new job and so on.

Section 2 may possibly include buying a new car, earning a higher income, having money in a savings account, a holiday abroad, a new relationship, new furniture etc. etc.

Section 3 is what you see as your perfect life. Perhaps a house overlooking the sea, a Mercedes in the driveway, a high income, money in the bank, a stress free happy life with your partner and children, lots of time to travel the world and help others. Whatever it is that you really want - let your imagination run wild.

The next thing to do is to look at your list again and become more specific with everything. What exactly is it that you want? A 'higher income' isn’t being specific, nor is 'money in the bank'. How much income do you want? £1000, £5000, £10000, £50,000, £100,000? Or more? How much money do you want in the bank? What sort of car do you want in your driveway, the model, make, colour. Do this for everything you have listed and then decide when you want those things.

All wishes, ambitions, targets and objectives should always be 'time-bounded'.

But be realistic. If you say something like, "I want a million pounds/dollars by next month", you probably won’t believe this to be possible and neither will your unconscious mind - especially if you have been moaning about not having any money for years and years. But, in saying this, there is no reason why you can’t become a millionaire, if that is truly what you want, just give it a longer time frame.

As an example, if one of your 'wishes' is a 'higher income', this could be changed to something like, 'I want an income of £5000 per month by September 2013’ - or whenever.

If you do all of this you will know exactly what you want from life. You have your map - now get out and get it! It doesn’t matter if you can’t think of how you can possibly get all of these things. It may sound strange, but this isn’t important. Just start imagining that you have already got the things on your list. And do something, anything, to take the first few steps.

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  1. Interesting as usual Mike. So this is your secret! Hope you and Karin have a super time, we'll try and be okay without you!

  2. Fascinating post. I'm going to run through each of the steps and write it all down. Thanks for posting, Mike, and hope you two are having a wonderful time!