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How To Become Wealthy: Steps To Wealth Part 2

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More Steps To Wealth
If you haven't already done so, perhaps you may want to read The First Part of How To Become Wealthy before reading the following. However, it's not altogether necessary, the choice is yours.

Life is really quite simple but most of us look upon it as being something of an uphill struggle, a battle to be fought against a flow of continuous problems, difficulties and worries. The fact is, however, that we are creative beings and as such can bring about a life full of happiness, wealth and health.

The simplicity of life is that most things revolve around 'Giving and Receiving'. What we give out is what we receive - this doesn’t just apply to money and wealth but to all aspects of our lives. 'Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap'.

Our thoughts, words, deeds, actions and beliefs of yesterday have created the life that we are living today. This may sound like psycho-babble, but nevertheless I believe this to be true. If I am right it stands to reason that the things we think, say and do today will therefore determine our future.

As a very simplistic example, I have a friend who for years has always disliked the Christmas period. It you were to ask him if he was looking forward to Christmas he would say something like, "Not really, I am waiting to see what will go wrong this year." Every year he isn’t disappointed! His wife took ill, his water pipes burst, his car wouldn’t start. Every year something happens to ruin his Christmas - just as he visualises and expects. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

If we can accept that we can create our future it should make us more careful about our thoughts and actions. If we keep saying that we haven’t got any money, we won’t have any. If we cannot visualise our circumstances ever changing, they won’t. If we believe it is a waste of time trying something new, it is. If we see problems ahead, there will be. But, if we can look at life differently, we can start a flow of good and can attract the things that we really want.

In the first part of How To Become Wealthy it was suggested that you should make out a list of the things that you want now, your medium term wishes and ambitions and also your long term perfect life. If you look at this as being fanciful, wishful thinking and a waste of time, it will be all those things. Conversely if you believe that, perhaps there is something in all of this, that you really can have the things you want, and you are willing to alter your way of thinking, your life can be transformed.

To bring about your wishes, they have to become a part of you. You have to believe that they can materialise.

Start by reading your list of wishes as many times a day as possible, especially first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to sleep. Cut out pictures of the things you want from magazines and catalogues and stick them into a scrapbook, or on a wall chart, and look at them every day to reinforce your mind that these are the things that you want.

It is strange, but when we start thinking about something, associated things keep coming to our attention. If you have a discussion about a certain type of car, for example, have you noticed how many you see over the following few days? They seem to be everywhere. They were always about, of course, but you didn’t notice them before.

The mind has a filtering system. If we were to take in, and be conscious of, every little thing we saw during the day it would all be too much. The mind lets us see what it thinks is important. It picks out useful information relevant to our life and what we have been thinking and talking about. When we had the discussion about the car instead of filtering them out, as it had previously done, they were brought to our notice instead. This can also happen with things that we want. Whereas previously opportunities and relevant information were overlooked the mind now says, "Hey this is important," and brings whatever it is to your conscious attention.

All of the time you have to become aware of what you say. It is no good looking at your scrapbook and seeing lots of money if you keep saying how hard up you are. Your words have to alter so that they do not conflict with what you want. You must start to believe that you already have the things that you desire. One of the best ways to do this is by visualisation.

The unconscious mind sees in pictures, therefore if you create the right puctures it will believe them to be true and will help bring them into your life. Yes it's into the realms of psycho-babble again but it works and it is true!

There are many visualisation techniques but they all have the same objective, which is to create a picture of some desired object or event and to bring this into a reality.

The following is one example of visualisation. Remember what you give out (picture) you will receive. Yes, I can hear murmurs of 'rubbish' from here! But it does work and is demonstrable if you are willing to try. I have been using such methods since my late teens following a book I read called, The History And Power Of The Mind by Richard Ingalese. It was published way back in 1902 and may well now be out of print. The following isn’t from that particular book. I’m not too sure of when I first came across it.

The Visualisation Technique.

Select an item that you want. If you are sceptical choose something small, of little value. Just as the body will improve and strengthen by exercise so it is with the mind and it’s creative powers.

1. The first step is to relax. This is essential. Sit in a comfortable chair or on the floor, where you will not be disturbed, and with your back straight. Starting with you feet mentally relax each part of your body in turn until you feel completely relaxed and serene.

2. Picture yourself stepping into a tunnel. As you imagine yourself walking through the tunnel above you there is warm, white light which you feel is showering over you.

3. You reach the end of the tunnel and see a flight of 21 stairs going down. You start to go down the steps counting slowly backwards from 21. 20, 19, 18, 17 ….

4. When you reach the bottom of the steps you are now in your special Visualisation Room where everything is possible. Create the room in your own mind as you would like it to look. Perhaps a window with a view, nice furnishings, photos of your family, a desk but, most importantly, a big comfortable chair with a screen in front of it.

5. Imagine going over to the chair and sitting in it. It is comfortable and you are completely relaxed knowing that everything you picture on the screen in front of you will become a reality.

6. Look at the screen and picture, in as much detail as possible, the item (or event) that you wish in your life. Make the picture as realistic as possible, see yourself using the item, touch its texture and know that it is now yours, feel excited and happy. Imagine it all as vividly as you can.

7. There is a button on the screen and, when the moment feels right - push it. Release the picture knowing that it is now part of your life. The screen is now blank.

8. Say to yourself three times "xxxxxxx is now in my life, thank you, thank you, thank you."

9. Start to count from 1 to 10 and as you do so gradually become aware of your surroundings and bring awareness back to your body until you reach 10 - then you will be fully awake and feeling on top of the world.

That is all there is to it! If this is something you have never heard about before it may all sound silly and unbelievable but, if you have carried out the exercise, you have taken the first steps to creating something in your life by using your mind alone. Whatever it is you wanted will, at the right time, come about. You may have to repeat the same exercise, for the same item, several times, but it will arrive in its own way.

It is not up to you as to how this will come about and you shouldn’t try to imagine how this may happen. It is like posting or mailing a letter. After you have popped it into the postbox you don’t then start thinking about how the letter will arrive, how the sorting office will put it in a sack for delivery, first by train and then by van and so on. You just post your letter and forget about it. It is same with using the mind. You release the image knowing that what you give out you will receive.

Once you fully appreciate the possibilities of visualisation you will begin to realise that previous limitations no longer apply. With continuous practice you can radically alter your life for the better.

It is important to keep remembering that everything we give out is received, so negative thoughts such as envy, fear, revenge, hate must all be in the past. We should be pleased when someone else has a lucky break, and not fear the future, or try to take revenge when someone has done us a wrong, and always send pleasant thoughts to people.

It does take a bit of effort and self discipline for us to control our words and thoughts, as it is so easy to agree and be swept along by others when they are moaning about their life and things in general. A lot of people delight in dwelling on everything that is wrong with the world - they are, however, rarely ever happy, successful people. If we do find ourselves with negative thoughts we should take a few moments to picture the opposite and so wipe them out.

It is on our own shoulders as to how our future lives turn out. Whatever happens we will have created it ourselves, not the government, fate, our family, boss or anyone else.

There is in effect no reality in life. There is just our realisation of how things are. The old thing about the half empty or half full bottle is perfectly true, everything is how we realise it to be.

We have a choice: we can decide to be miserable and find fault with everything today or be happy and see all of the good things instead. The advantage of the second outlook is that by choosing to be happy and seeing the good things we are creating a happier future as well.

Good luck.

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  1. Fantastic advice and techniques. Thanks so much for posting, Mike. I'm going to print this post out, too.