Tuesday, August 7

Evander Holyfield Not Recognised By Olympic TV Team

Evander Holyfield outside Buckingham Palace

I hadn't heard of this story here in England, but this happened following the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

The New York Daily News reported on the NBC London based coverage:

"As part of its Olympic coverage, the Today Show stopped random people in front of Buckingham Palace to ask about Queen Elizabeth’s performance with Daniel Craig during the opening ceremony. Among them was a man in a white baseball cap and blue T-shirt who called the Queen 'wonderful'."

What none of the NBC team noticed was that, by coincidence, the man they had asked at random, wearing the white baseball cap, was none other than heavyweight boxing legend Evander Holyfield.

Holyfield Tweeted:

"Look, the @todayshow did a good job. It was hard to recognize me with the baseball cap. This could happen to any reporter. LOL!!"

He followed this with another Tweet:

"Hopefully when I get on the @todayshow they will remember who I am! I won't be wearing my white baseball cap! LOL."

Evander Holyfield won a bronze medal in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

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  1. Interesting. I wonder what the reporter thought afterward!

  2. So, they didn't recognize Evander. What's the big deal? That's what's wrong with society, they put these people on a pedestal as if somehow they are better human beings.

    Nothing against Holyfield, but we need to remember that these are people, just like you and me. No better, no worse.

    Scott McMan

    1. "That's what's wrong with society" - there is no such thing as society. Even if there is we should look for all that is good with society.

  3. Read that about a week ago but was embarrassed that no one knew him. Even I, the non-avid fan knew Holyfield!
    How funny was that!!?