Thursday, September 27

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Coincidences And Synchronicity

I'm pleased to say that my laparoscopic nephrectomy operation (removal of a kidney) went okay and I am now back at home - they 'released' me on Sunday afternoon.

Immediately following the operation, and once settled on the ward at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, my wife was allowed to see me. One of the first things she said was, "I see you are on eBay."

I was a bit dopey because of some of the drugs that had been administered and said something like, "You won't get much for me at the moment."

The whole thing was then forgotten as the nurses started their routine checks and I kept dropping off to sleep.

Two days later I was up on my feet and walked a short distance with Karin along a corridor to stretch my legs. As we made to return to where my bed was situated we had to go through a swing door. "See," she said, "You are on E Bay." There was a large sign stating this on the door.

It was then I realised I was on Tolgus Ward and along the corridor were different bays for patients. So she hadn't put me up for auction after all!

When I left the hospital they gave me a bag of assorted tablets I was supposed to take for a couple of weeks. On Monday morning I opened the first box at breakfast. The capsules were a garish green and orange and matched the tablecloth.

I asked Karin where the tablecloth was from as I hadn't seen it before. She told me it was one we collected from my mother's belongings several years ago.

Green and orange capsule on tablecloth

For ages we have used one of two tablecloths for use at breakfast. Strange that, out of the blue, Karin decided to change this for one with the colours of green and orange. Think of it as you will!

After breakfast I went up to my office, the door and windows of which had been closed while I was in hospital. On the windowsill was a lovely butterfly. I took a quick snap - sorry, it's not very clear - left the room and when I returned the butterfly was nowhere to be seen. Interesting to me is that in some cultures, butterflies symbolize rebirth after being inside a cocoon for a period of time.

Butterfly on my office windowsill

Anyway, all I intended to say today was really a big thank you to everyone who sent me their good wishes by emails and in comments prior to my operation. Also a big thank you to Trish and Rob at synchrosecrets who published the post Healing Circle for Mike Perry and also The Circle of Light for Mike Perry.

Karin and I have been greatly touched by such kindness within the blogging community. There is much goodness in the world.

Going back to Trish and Rob's Healing Circles, this is a wonderful idea whereby we can help each other with our thoughts and meditations.

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  1. Glad to see you're feeling on the mend Mike.
    I love that Ebay door,at least it wasn't an Obay
    (Obey)door,or you might think that you were in an Orwell novel.
    Looks like that healing circle at Synchrosecrets did the trick,too,by the sounds of it.

  2. was a bit worried about you good to hear you got through it all ok

  3. Mike I think being on ebay would make you feel extra-special; probably draw a smart crowd of bidders.
    Gosh the table cloth is amazing; Mom had the universe looking out for you. And the butterfly was sent from the Father of spirits to uplift yours. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So glad you're okay, and very best to you and Karin!

  4. Wonderful to have you back Mike, I miss your daily thoughts! Unfortunately I didn't see the Synchrosecrets blog until just now, what an excellent idea and kind gesture. It would be nice if we can take this opportunity to concentrate our thoughts on all those touched by cancer at this time. May your recovery be speedy.

  5. Fantastic to have you back! Love the synchros here. The appearance of the butterfly is a wonderful sign for healing and rebirth! We were delighted to post the healing circle. You have many friends in the blogland!

  6. I'm so glad you are home again! Your posts are part of my breakfast routine and it is a treat to have you back online. I also like how that orange stripe matches the banner of your blog. I wish you and Karin good health and look forward to more recounts of your adventures together.

  7. Anonymous19:32

    Welcome back, Mike! So glad you're healing well.

  8. I forgot to mention how I loved that pill sync Mike.
    But don't forget if they give you a choice between that pill,or a red pill,take the red one.
    Especially if the doctor has a name like Dr.Morpheus.-)
    And speaking about red pill syncs,my pal Andras Jones did a sync up of "The Who" 's Lifehouse songs to the movie "The Matrix". So you might want to take a look at it at your leisure? It will even be mind-blowing with a green and orange pill.-)

    Just hit the "Play All" button near Andras' head to see them play as one movie,one after the other.

  9. Happy to read you back. I lacked of translations to do for my blog...Just a joke, of course.

    About "healing circles", there was in France a group that did many healings, written in a book intituled "Médecins du ciel, médecins de la terre" (heaven doctors, earth doctors) by Maguy Lebrun. Her husband became medium and advised her to make this group with many medicine doctors in it. They gathered regularly to pray for some persons and had many successful healings. Some passed doctors helped too. Great to read. I'll propose this action through my blog.

    Have a good convalescence, Mr Perry.


  10. Glad to see you back Mike. I wish you nothing but the best health.

    God Bless!


    Scott McMan

  11. Great that you are back, hope you get better and better every day.

  12. so wonderful to see back, mike -