Wednesday, October 17

Fossils As Reminders Of Previous Lives

Fossil photo

It's strange how articles come into your life but you don't know how - or is that just with me?

I was thinking about two fossils I have. The one in the photo above, for example, I've known since I was about 13 or 14 years old. It never belonged to my parents or any other relation and was never given to me. It just became 'mine'.

A long time ago I used to say that I found the fossil in a field but, as a teenager, I was living in west London so this isn't really possible. It somehow simply appeared in my life from, I've no idea where.

I like to think I have a good memory otherwise. As a check I went through all of the other bits and pieces and souvenirs we have about the house and was able to recall from where they originated.

But it gets a little stranger with fossils as I don't know where the other one I have (photo below) came from either. It sort of appeared at about the time my son was born.

Fossil Echinocorys echinoid

I've always felt that the two fossils - which were probably living organisms some 60 million years ago, or maybe more - are something to do with me. But no idea what.

 Can objects simply appear in our lives from completely unknown sources? Or is my imagination running away with me?

Fossil photo

There is actually one more item I have that somehow appeared in my life as a teenager. It's an ivory carved cross with a rose at it's centre. I may write about this another time as I can see a link with the Rosicrucians, of which I was a member for a while. The organisation has always fascinated me from an early age.

Maybe that's the link ... perhaps things come into our lives as reminders of ... well, previous lives or experiences.

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  1. RE:
    " I can see a link with the Rosicrucians, of which I was a member for a while."

    So was I for a while in my twenties,but it seemed a bit too commercial for my liking,so I stopped the payments,and drifted into other interests instead.

  2. I had to write "8 bathwees" to prove that I wasn't a robot in the last comment.

    1. A human, but with a bladder problem ...

  3. Love the fossils, such an age. I have a brooch with a horseshoe design and I don't know where this came from. I remember it from a teen. Maybe it's our memories playing tricks with us!

  4. Love the fossils. They are Mike's Mysteries! I have a few objects like that, too. I also have a few books like that, don't know where they came from, don't recall buying them.

  5. Your fossils look familiar though I don't know why... The third looks like a spent bullet :)