Saturday, December 22

World Record Message In A Bottle Coincidence

Andrew Leaper Guiness world record holder
Andrew Leaper with bottle and World Record Certificate
Fishing boat skipper, Andrew Leaper, holds a world record and has been presented with a Guinness World Record certificate as proof.

So what is his record?

He found a bottle at sea with a message in it. But this was no ordinary bottle as it was released 98 years ago. So his world record is for finding the bottle that has been adrift at sea for the longest amount of time. He beat the old record by five years.

But here's the coincidence bit, the bottle found for the previous record was by Mark Anderson who just happened to be on the very same boat as Andrew - the Shetland based Copious - when he found his bottle. Andrew and Mark are friends.

The bottle found by Andrew Leaper contained a postcard which promised a reward of six pence to the finder. It had been released back in June 1914 by a Captain C.H Brown of the Glasgow School of Navigation.

Mr. Leaper explained: "As we hauled in the nets I spotted the bottle neck sticking out and I quickly grabbed it before it fell back in the sea. It was very exciting to find the bottle and I couldn't wait to open it."

"Mark is very unhappy that I have topped his record. He never stopped talking about it - and now I am the one who is immensely proud to be the finder of the world record message in a bottle."

So there we go, cast your net widely - or something like that. You never know what you might find.

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  1. I'm sure there is a message in that story for all of us,even if some of us don't sea it.-)

  2. true you never know what you might find anywhere but its not always good

  3. Great metaphor with this story and a cool synchro. What are the odds? That's what always stuns me about stories like this!

  4. Yep,that'll be shutting Mark down a bit. Wow, friends finding the bottles from the same ship; what are the odds?

  5. what a wonderful story of...looking...and finding... i want to wish you and yours a glorious holiday season filled with peace and love - and synchronicity, of course! jenean