Sunday, March 31

Happy Easter And The Little Harbour

Easter Sunday and how things should be: walking amongst the daffodils in the Spring sunshine (though it's actually very cold today in the UK).

This isn't always the case though, so a little plug for a local charity I like to support: The Little Harbour Children's Hospice, situated near where I live.

As I have two healthy, robust grandchildren it breaks my heart that such a building has to exist but, sadly, it does. The video below shows something of the hospice - it is a very special place,

"Little Harbour is set in a spectacular coastal location overlooking St. Austell Bay with beautiful views out to sea. Designed and built with a view to celebrating Cornish building traditions and its close proximity to the sea, Little Harbour has the feel of a ‘holiday home’ in a relaxed seaside setting."

Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter Mike, what a lovely photo and sentiment.

  2. happy easter even if it is cold

  3. Happy easter, Mike! Gorgeous daffodils. I think it's great that a children's hospice exists in such a beautiful setting.

  4. We have a Daffodil Day in Australia every year to raise money "for better treatments,hope for more survivors and hope for a cancer-free future" -

    But,I have to say that I am rather cynical about any charity collecting for cancer,as well meaning as they might be,as it seems to me to be a money making industry for big Pharma,the cancer treatment industry.
    They don't seem to be in any hurry to change their ways to investigate alternative methods of treatment to me.
    The hospice charity looks worthy of support,though.

    Happy Easter Mike.

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