Saturday, March 30

10 Posts Featuring Money In Synchronicity And Magic

Worldwide paper money and notes

Today I have collated ten 67 Not Out posts which feature money: attracting money, seed money, synchronicity in money, a money talisman and so on. I've always believed that money can go hand in hand with spirituality and magic. It's an essential of life, whether we like this idea or not, so why shouldn't we accumulate what cash we can. If nothing else, think of the positive side and the good that can be done with money.

Seed Money Brings A Tenfold Return
I've mentioned previously how I believe that once we start visualising the things we want in life coincidence or synchronicity often follows. So today I though I'd write a little about Seed Money ... Read full story

Chinese Jade The Plant That Attracts Money
I'm not obsessed by money but accept that it is necessary to keep sufficient flowing in so that we can do the things that my wife and I want to do. This is the reason why we have a money plant ... Read full story

Chinese wealth or money symbol
How To Become Wealthy: Steps To Wealth Part 1
Wealth means different things to different people. To someone on Social Security, and living in a bedsit, it could mean their own apartment and regular employment, but what would it mean to a millionaire ... Read full story

Money Folded Into Four Coincidence
As I wandered in the drizzle I bent down and picked up a piece of paper. I don't know why I did this but when I looked it was actually a £5 banknote all neatly folded into quarters ... Read full story

Loads Of Paper Money And The Cornish Banknotes
I've got a whole bunch of paper money, currency banknotes from around the world. I accumulated many of these from when I used to publish worldwide magazines. I accepted ... Read full story

Magic Talisman Attracts Money
Over the years I've dabbled in many things from yoga to Rosicrucians, magic to the occult, psychology to philosophy and so on. I've always felt there was something else besides what scientists ... Read full story

A Vicar's Prayers For Money Were Answered
The Rev Dominic Furness of the All Saints church in Hampshire, England asked his congregation to pray for help over their church's money worries - and what a response ... Read full story

Finding Money By Walking Into The Magic
I wrote a post a short while back called Pennies Falling From Heaven where my wife heard a penny drop into a small dish in our bedroom. It has happened again, but a little ... Read full story

Breast cancer charity women
A Precognitive Dream Made £56 Million For Charity
Nina Barough woke up one morning following a vivid dream. In this dream she had seen 'lots of women walking fast in a marathon, all wearing bras on top of their T-shirts, to raise ... Read full story

Money Galore From A Six Year Coincidence
I start off with a sad tale, so play those violins. Lee and Sue from Grimsby in England were strapped for cash. After having a brand new baby there wasn't much left. They had to ... Read full story

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  2. Thanks for reposting these. This time I printed out some of them and am going to sit down and go through them and do the activity!