Tuesday, June 25

The Red Sky And The Invasion Of The Scarecrows

Red sky at night
Red Sky In Tawstock
Following on from yesterday's post about my stay in a thatched cottage at Tawstock in Devon.

The village was like a different world, people we saw actually smiled and would pass the time of day. The gentleman in the house next to our cottage we discovered had a German partner - my wife was born in Germany too.

As we walked in the drizzle we couldn't help but notice an invasion - of scarecrows!

Scarecrow the only gay in Tawstock village

The first scarecrow we saw was keeping himself dry with an umbrella as he rested on the wooden gate. Someone had written a note to tell passers by this is 'the only gay in the village'.

The following day, in the evening, Dr Who had arrived - scarecrow style with the old fashioned red phone box adapted as the Tardis.

Dr Who scarecrow with a red phone box Tardis

The sign simply read: "Dr Who?"

When we got back to the cottage one of the first things I noticed was a set of Dr Who books on a shelf.

Dr Who books

The next evening there were two scarecrows in the porch of the house next to our cottage. The sign puzzled me: "Art and Ruby before the 5 pigeons get home."

Art and Ruby scarecrows

And so the scarecrows multiplied.

The same evening as we saw 'Art and Ruby' we watched the sunset as it turned to red - one of the reddest skies I have seen in the UK.

As we sat in the back garden of the cottage the sun gradually dropped from the sky.

Sun setting in the sky

Sunset in Tawstock Devon

Some places are magical and Tawstock is such a place - it even has its own Holy Well. The first record of this is in the 14th century, some say it goes back to Saxon times.

Tawstock Holy Well

And right next to the Holy Well is the village Primary School - it must be magical to start your education somewhere like this.

Tawstock Primary School

Oh, and when we first discovered the scarecrow invasion we also noticed local dog statues were now wearing ribbons.

Dog statue in Tawstock Devon with ribbons

Dog statue in Tawstock

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  1. Are a group of scarecrows called a murder of scarecrows ?-)

    1. Nice one:) Why not, if crows are why not scarecrows.

  2. I love this town! Did you ever find out who goes around putting these scarecrows together?? And the dog bows....

    1. I gather that it's all building up to a village fayre or fête - though I don't get some of the cryptic signs like the 'Art and Ruby before the 5 pigeons get home'. But we had a good time.

  3. There is a little town not far from where I live that has a Scarecrow Festival every year -


    But I have never been to it.

    1. Funny you should write this as I was writing above comment to Trish. I think the ones we saw are building up to something like this, maybe a summer fayre.

    2. My reply to your first comment was timed at 14:48 same as your 2nd comment!

  4. I'm guessing the pigeons will dirty up the place?! Could be ARt and Ruby are occupying a favourite roost.

    I've never seen a sky like that. Incredible. This must have been a really 'magical-like' visit. I simply adore the grounds of the school and Holy Well. Beautiful.

    1. The school was something special - as for the pigeons I did see a couple in the cottage garden where we stayed ... so you could be right!

  5. On the subject of Scarecrows Mike,check out this new post of mine for a bit of synchronicity-


    You wouldn't read about it would you ?-)

    1. Just seen it and left a comment. Scarecrows galore - and a woman in a flowered hat.

  6. The code to post my last comment was -
    'seechts John',
    which I thought was a bit odd as John was my father -in law's name.