Wednesday, September 11

Seven Random Weird Factoids

British Spaghetti bolognese

Did you know: A typical Briton eats spaghetti bolognese for lunch or dinner 3,000 times during their life.

Brussel sprouts

Did you know: The consumption of Brussels Sprouts has fallen by more than four-fifths in the UK since 1974.

Watching television

Did you know: The average American watches television for two months a year.

American wedding

Did you know: In a survey, 80% of American men said that they would marry the same woman if they had to do it over again. But only 50% of American women say they would marry the same man.

Mexican fizzy drinks soda

Did you know: Mexico consumes more fizzy drinks than any other country.

Peru fast food

Did you know: Peru boasts the highest density of fast-food joints.

Sharran Alexander heaviest sportswoman

Did you know: The heaviest competing sportswoman living is English sumo wrestler Sharran Alexander who weights 32 stone (203.21 kg).

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  1. Weird factoids! And some of them surprising...