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We All Go To Our Own Version Of Heaven When We Die

Cafe Society - Heaven for some
Cafe Society - Heaven For Some People
A while back I published a post We Create The Afterlife We Desire in which I wrote:

"Could it be that, just as our dreams are individual, so is death, dependent on the actions and thoughts while alive in our physical body? Some may undergo fantastic adventures. Others may suffer from recurring nightmares, trapped in some form of hell created by their own minds. While others may experience a kind of paradise conjured up by their expectations."

I was looking at something by Joseph J Weed, a former Rosicrucian Grand Councillor. His thoughts seem to be similar to mine (or even mine to his!):

"The events of transition [death] are different for each individual and depend upon the state of consciousness and perhaps training. Some go to higher realms and are ecstatically happy while they study and train there. Some live in surroundings they have dreamed of living in, a creation of their desires while alive. This may be a cabin in a forest, a home on a beautiful farm, a cottage by the sea - in other words a heaven of their own making."

But, according to Weed, there are some souls who also remain earthbound. They fight death, even after death, and refuse to believe they are not 'alive'. He gives an example of someone he saw on the astral plane.

"I had known this man in life. He was handsome and charming and traded on these qualities ... he loved night life and cafe society and succeeded in acquiring the reputation as a playboy.

[During] World War II in 1941, he took up his commission in the Navy and became one of the first U.S. casualties when his ship was torpedoed and sunk in early 1942.

I encountered him in the astral realm. He was one of a party in a night club a very real-appearing creation of his own desire, and had no notion he was already dead in the physical sense ... he was drinking, dancing and joking and flirting in cafe society surroundings, fully convinced that the places and people were real and that he was still among the so-called living.

To cut things short Weed visited the man for about three years [in the astral realm] and saw that the man gradually became worried and anxious and looked unhappy. He was permitted to assist him and visited him once more.

"When I spoke to him he seemed to be in a stupor and it was difficult to get his attention. Finally, I succeeded in rousing him ...

I said, 'Steve, I want to help you. Do you know you are dead?'

Dumbly. he nodded slowly and then said, 'I have been thinking so for some time. But I don't seem to be dead. Nothing much has changed. I'm so confused.'

Weed explained to him how he was reliving the existence that had appealed to him most but could alter the situation with an act of will. Opportunities would then develop - and this is what is said to have happened. Steve was able to move on.

This may all sound far fetched but if we look at Near Death Experiences they vary in what the person actually sees. Christians experience something different from, say, Muslims - because of their beliefs.

As with everything there is no reality just our realisation of how things are. We are all responsible for what happens to us, whether on Earth or in 'Heaven' - well, that's my theory at the present time!

 Reference: Wisdom of the Mystic Masters

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  1. This post reminds me of Richard Matheson's novel - and the subsequent movie - What Dreams May Come. The Seth books by Jane Roberts also talk extensively about the afterlife and the material pretty much parallels what you've written here.

    1. Thank you Trish. I really must read those Seth books as you often mention them.

  2. Allison DuBouis enhances this in her book "We Are Their Heaven" where those that loved us in life, add our lives and to their heaven. This is why I always extra-appreciate having fun doing all the things my mom wished she could do. As she was a quadriplegic - she even wished she could do housework and laundry. So I make a point to have fun with chores but am quick about it, and I always use the good towels and dishes.

    1. I haven't read that book, so we add out lives to those who have gone before. I like that idea and will try to improve my mum and dad's lives by doing some of the things they loved. Nice to have read this just prior to New Year, which my mum loved.

  3. Re:"We All Go To Our Own Version Of Heaven When We Die" ...and go through our own versions of Hell when when we live.

  4. Funny Mike,another blogging friend of mine just posted this on his blog about the same subject (almost).
    I think you and your reader's might find it interesting.
    "Two Thumbs Up For Roger"

    1. Thanks for the link Darren, that 'Two Thumbs Up For Roger' is an interesting post.

  5. Occasionally I have wierd dreams of joining other souls on a type of elevator that takes us away for an assessment of what we have done so far in our current life, and returns us back to our bodies before we awaken in the morning. There are beings of human form who assist in the transport. I did have two dreams of being on a type of vessel above the planet's atmosphere in a soul body waiting for the opportunity of another incarnation. One had to await an offer that might be suitable for one's soul growth, to rectify past karmic debt. Every soul's journey is different from anothers, each working on issues that needed completion or correction. As for heaven, I don't recall having a dream of such a place, thus I do not know if one exists or not. Perhaps. As there are various levels of reality and dimensions, as accupuncture attests to such places as well as quantum physics; one never knows exactly what there is out there after life.

    1. I think you are right we don't know for sure what there is after life on Earth. The answer seems to be hidden from us, maybe as this would otherwise influence what our soul has to do while we are here.

  6. I have a plaque that hangs above my computer that says "Life is a Journey,not a destination" and when driving home last night in the rain from the Woodford Folk-festival and my windscreen wipers slowly splitting apart to my horror.I realized that while I was aware of the big picture of where I lived the most important part of my journey home was to concentrate on the road in front of me and not to worry about what was outside the vision of my headlights.I think this was a metaphorical lesson to me from above about life.Concentrate on what's in front of you in the moment if you want to make the best of your journey home.

    1. I sometimes think we can do too much thinking - as you say we should be concentrating on what's happening now - this very moment.