Tuesday, September 23

Is There Such A Thing As Time?

Buddha quote about time

Is there such a thing as time? Most likely we'd answer that there must be, because we can watch it tick by on our clocks, but this may not be proof that it exists.

Time is the duration between events, we measure it astronomically with reference to the sun or stars. If, however, nothing moved and there was nothing that changed would there still be time? Kant maintained it is simply something we impose on to reality in order to make the world more comprehensible.

There is so much to think about, so many questions like: Does time have a beginning and an end? Does it flow in one direction and so on. It's mysterious stuff because it can sometimes appear to be manipulated. Here's something interesting ...

Let's imagine two identical clocks, both accurate and synchronised. Now let's place one on a spaceship travelling away from earth and the other somewhere safe and sound in a secure cupboard, let's say in your office. Now when the spaceship finally returns, guess what?

The travelling clock will show that less time has elapsed than the clock sitting in the cupboard. It's true.

On a simpler level we all notice how time flies when we are having fun. It's the same period, according to our watch, but if we are waiting for something, time drags. Get engrossed in an interest and an hour can tick by in an instant.

Time is an illusion, like the rest of life. It all depends on how we see it.

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  1. Mike, I really appreciate this post. I view "time" in seasons. Clocks can be so confining. Why in the world we would scrutinize our every moment is beyond me. Take care.

  2. Great post! Isn't time really an illusion?

  3. I don't wear a watch. Time is everywhere, on phones, in cars, on microwaves, your computer, etc. etc. etc. It's a man made thing. Time passing with the changing light of the sun through the day, the shifting stars in the sky at night, by the seasons that change, by our bodies growing old and weaker...