Monday, October 6

A White Feather And A Piano Re-Paint Faded Memories In Tenerife

Tenerife rock pools

I have been away in Tenerife, Canary Islands for the past two weeks. As usual, with my trips, I had fourteen days free from computers, phones, television and newspapers - so a lot to catch up on.

A few hours after arriving in Tenerife we walked to a small nearby headland. Being a volcanic island the rocks are black - as is most of the sand on the beaches. As I was walking I came across a large pure white feather, which contrasted with the dark rocks. I hadn't seen any seagulls or other birds about, so wondered if the feather was some sort of sign. I've written lots about white feathers on this blog.

Tenerife coast

On returning from the headland the first parked car I saw had the numbers 679 on the registration plate. Again I've mentioned the numbers 76 and 67 - sometimes with a 9 - in various posts. My dad's birth certificate, for example is numbered 976. "Mmmm," I thought none too seriously, "Another sign perhaps."

Tenerife car number plate

Later that evening, after our meal in the hotel, we walked into their Piano Bar. It was like a blast from the past, a lone man playing away on a piano. But what hit me was the music he was playing. They were songs from the forties and fifties, and were songs I remembered my dad singing and playing.

Piano Bar, Tenerife

Faded memories were re-painted in brighter colours.

I remembered being knee high to a grasshopper, as my dad would have described me, at cousin Iris's wedding. She must have been nearly 20 years older than me and my other cousin Alan. It was a London old style wedding. At the reception Aunt Florrie, Iris's mum, said, "Give us a song, Arthur." And up got my dad to perform. He loved to sing and play the piano - especially when everyone joined in.

John Arthur Perry
My Dad
As I focused back on the grand piano being played in the hotel I thought how dad would have loved to play a grand piano. He was self taught but could knock out a tune when asked. He played by ear (and, yes, sometimes with his fingers as well!)

I often ponder what might have been if he had been dealt a different hand in life. But it worked out fine for me as I'm grateful that he was my dad instead.

Going back to the numbers 67 and 76, the day before I went away to Tenerife I had a couple of utility bills to pay, which I did on line. As you will see from the screen shots below the first was for £67.67 and the other was for £76.07. How weird is that? Actually, I didn't see it as being weird but as a sign that we'd have a good holiday - which we did.

Water bill

Gas bill

I'll bore you with some photos tomorrow!

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  1. In my hometown,Brisbane there was a murder/suicide in the suburb of Teneriffe on Saturday night which is all over the local news -

  2. Suzie08:50

    Glad you're back and had a good time. More photos please!!

    1. Thanks Suzie, more photos tomorrow!

  3. Great sequence of synchros in that story! Seems to be your dad was around! Glad you're back.

    1. Thanks Trish. It's good to be back but wouldn't have objected to another couple of weeks!

  4. Such incredible photos - what a place! Two more weeks surly would have satisfied me too. Oh and I'm reading your post on 10/6/2014 @ 3:58 pm as stated at bottom right corner of my laptop. Thus: 1+6+2+1+4=14, a derivative of 7. 3+5+8=16, reduced 1+6=7. My number 77. Okay I'm cheating!!
    Great post; welcome back!

    1. Thanks Dixie. So you're a 77 - interesting!