Monday, March 9

Glimpses Of The South Coast Of England

Winchelsea church

A few glimpses of the south coast of England, starting off with the church at Winchelsea. By accident I also found Spike Milligan's grave here. Spike was my favourite comedian, writer, poet, actor when young. Below is Rye Castle, sometimes known as Ypres Tower,

Rye Castle or Ypres Tower

And next to the castle is the local pub!

Ypres Castle pub Rye

No trip along the south coast is complete without a walk along one of the piers.

Brighton Pier

And another castle - Arundel Castle in the small town of, yes, Arundel.

Arundel Castle

And finally for today a glimpse at the beach huts on a pebble beach.

Beach huts

Photos: © Mike Perry

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  1. Gotta be a pub. Didn't know Spike Milligan was buried there. Love the Arundel Castle. I remember beach huts like that.

  2. GREAT PHOTOS! Do beach huts like that still exist?

    1. Oh yes, I took the photo of the beach huts last year.