Tuesday, March 10

Coincidence Files

Coincidence photo

Three short, snappy coincidence stories from my files.

Thomas W Boatfield was coming back to Toledo from Fort Lauderdale at the same time that his son, Thomas R Boatfield, was headed from Toledo to Florida.

The northbound Mr Boatfield pulled into a spot in Griffin, Ga., for lunch. Five minutes later the southbound Mr Boatfield pulled into the parking space next to the northbound car!

Salt Lake City: Having the same names wasn't so odd, when John Bollwinkel of American Falls, Idaho, met John Bollwinkel of Salt Lake City for the first time but:

They each have a pioneer ancestor of the same name, wives named Erma, sons named John, and ten years service as Sunday school superintendents in the Latter Day Saints church.

McAlester, Okla. Mrs Addie Pilgrim has auto license plates 1620, the year the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

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  1. The photo is profane.... the rest is profound (smile).

  2. My husband can tell a similar story to the first one.

  3. Great stories! Again, what are the odds of any of these happening?! & love the photo!