Monday, September 28

The Lands Where Man Has A Dog's Head

Men with dog's head Nacumera

So, was mankind once crossed with canines? Okay, probably not many readers will believe this to be the case but ...

The Koniagas, a tribe of North American Natives, trace their pedigree back to a dog. And the legends of a breed of men with dog's head is a recurring one in many different civilisation. For example ...

One of the best accounts is by Sir John Mandeville, who wrote ...

Men go by the sea ocean by many isles, unto an isle that is called Nacumera, that is a good isle and fair. And it is in compass about more than a thousand mile. And all the men and women of that isle have hounds' heads, and they be called Cynoceptales (Greek for 'dog heads'). And they be full reasonable and of good understanding, save that they worship an ox for their God. And also every one of them beareth an ox of gold or of silver in his forehead, in token that they love well their God. And they go all naked save a little clout. They be great folk and well-fighting. And they have a great targe [shield] that covereth all the body, and a spear in their hand to fight with. And if they take any man in battle, anon they eat him.

Marco Polo said that these people lived in the Andaman Islands in The Bay of Bengal.

Also in some depictions of St. Christopher in Eastern art he is shown with a dog's head. There is a reason for this though ...

St. Christopher with a dog's head

The legend is that St. Christopher was very handsome and was therefore continually pestered by women - how awful this must have been. So he prayed to be given a dog's head as protection.

Back in ancient Egyptian times there was also the cult of the dog-headed god, Anubis.

Well with all of this, no wonder a dog is Man's Best Friend ...

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  1. Very weird! I love dogs, but I think I'll keep my human head!