Tuesday, September 29

The Coincidence Of A Steamer Saved From A Titanic Iceberg

I have published several posts about the ship Titanic and coincidences. Here's a further coincidence story that has connections with the Titanic and it's one I haven't mentioned previously.

There was a young seaman called William Reeves. He was on watch in the bow of a steamer heading to Canada from Tyneside in north-west England. The year was 1935. The month was April - the same month of Titanic's sinking. Reeves became obsessed with thinking about Titanic's downfall. He felt some strong negative feelings about his voyage.

The thoughts of danger took shape in the seaman's mind as he remained on watch. He strained his eyes looking for any signs, but could see nothing but the gloom and darkness. He felt though that something was wrong, but couldn't say why. He felt too scared to shout out any alarm for fear of ridicule.

His feelings of doom, however, became stronger when he realized the date was April 14, the same day the Titanic sank. He risked making a fool of himself and shouted out a danger warning, The helmsman immediately rang the signal: engines full astern.

The ship churned to a halt ... just yards from a huge iceberg which towered high out of the water. There were also other icebergs crowded round the steamer. It took nine days before the Newfoundland icebreakers could smash a clear path for the steamer.

By another strange coincidence the steamer was called the Titanian.

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