Thursday, September 3

Trixie The Cat Who Refused To Go Away


A strange sort of story from Lucy J about a cat who knew where she wanted to live. Just in case the story makes you cross, when reading the third paragraph, it does have a happy ending!

About four years ago I was living a few miles away from my parent's home. They had recently bought their house and with it came a cat, with different coloured eyes, that just wouldn't go away. We presumed she must have belonged to the previous owner.

As my mother is allergic to cats, they make her sneeze and itch, we tried everything to get this cat to go away.

In desperation - I'm now very ashamed to say - I took the cat in my car, while on my way to work, and dropped her off about ten miles away. I can remember looking in my mirror and seeing the cat standing there looking at me as I drove off. It now send shivers down my spine thinking I could ever have done such a thing.

Anyway, it's what I did and I went on to work. That night I had a bizarre dream.

I dreamt that I was lying on my lounge floor and the cat came through the front door. She came up to me while making a loud hissing noise, as she stared at me with those two strange eyes. It was a really clear dream which I put down to a mixture of guilt and my using nicotine patches to try and give up smoking, they seemed to make my dreams very vivid.

Three days later I was lying on the lounge floor, for real, and the cat came in through my slightly ajar front door!

It quite freaked me out. I was waiting for her to hiss at me or attack me but she didn't. She came up to me purring and looked like she was really pleased to see me.

I can't figure this out, as the cat had never been to my house before. It was my parent's home she wouldn't leave. Maybe her sense of smell led her the ten or so miles to my car and house, I just don't know. Maybe it was a coincidence.

Trixie, as I call her, is now living happily with me and me with her. We get on well and I've said sorry for dumping her all of those miles away. I don't know why I didn't just take her to my house in the first place. When my mother comes to visit I make sure Trixie is in another room.

I don't know what all of this means, maybe it is some sort of lesson for me.

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  1. Great story! I think what it means is that Trixie wanted to be her cat. That dream was certainly precognitive!

  2. Strange - perhaps puss was tuning in to find the right direction to your house!
    You know the other day a lady stopped us while we were riding and asked if we knew anybody with a ginger cat - To cut a long story short a few weeks later I asked again about the cat and she said she had traced the owner to a village across a major A road and the cat was commuting daily.........and so she gave the cat the home it had chosen to spare it the main road!