Sunday, January 31

A Coincidence About Letters Leads To Walking On Water!

Walking on water

A letter was delivered to Mrs. B. Moore, who lives on Franklin Street in Lakeland, Florida. She realised this wasn't for her so she sent the letter along to Mrs. B. Moore who lives on Franklin Street in Lakeland, Georgia.

I saw the above in the Lakeland Ledger newspaper. They commented. "It was a strange coincidence of two Mrs. B Moore's living on streets and cities with identical names." Certainly was!

But then, by coincidence, the next thing I saw was a strange story in the Herald-Journal from August of 1973. They reported that ...

Mrs. B. Moore of Duncan, has lost some 50 pounds over the last several months and she feared that perhaps she also lost a skill that few people in the world possess.

So Mrs. Moore went out to Silver Lake and although she now is much lighter, she found she can still walk on water.

Mrs. Moore can't swim a single stroke but she can walk across Silver Lake which is 60 feet deep and not sink. "I just walk in the water like I walk down the street and I never go down. There are a few people in this world who are floaters and just can't sink and I happen to be one of them," explains Mrs. Moore.

I'm still scratching my head over that one!

As for the photo at the top of the post I found this on Pinterest. An illusion I presume - but such is life!

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  1. You find the most interesting stories! The synchro about 2 women with the same name living on the same street is amazing.