Monday, February 1

An Obscure Coincidence At A Malaysian Wedding

Malaysian attap
Malaysian attap
A further coincidence from my cuttings, this one from a Mr. Green from Hampshire, England.

Over the years I have heard many coincidence stories, but have yet to hear of one as extreme as this.

While in the Royal Navy I was drafted to Singapore but lived over the border in Malaysia. Our next-door neighbours' amah (maid) Mary had two brothers that were to be married at a double Malay ceremony on the same day.

Mary invited my wife and I to the wedding. The invitation also included my father and mother-in-law who arrived on the same day as the ceremony.

The nuptials were to take place a couple of miles further into the Malaysian hinterland. There were eight Europeans at the wedding, identified by eight pairs of shoes outside the attap (a traditional jungle dwelling) among hundreds of flip-flops.

We entered and sat down before the food was to appear when my father-in-law recognised the gentleman sitting opposite him, who was also trying to place him.

After a chat it was established that they both worked at an MoD (Ministry of Defence) establishment on Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth (England) and had offices only three removed from each other.

Each had travelled out on the same flight from RAF Brize Norton to Singapore and had been invited to the same Malaysian double wedding without realising. How obscure is that?

~ Don Green, Hants., England

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