Saturday, January 16

Coincidence Of Meeting 40 Years Later On Holiday

Morris Minor Van
Another coincidence story from a newspaper - there seem to be a lot about at the moment! This one is from Eric Grant from England.

My wife and I decided to have a 'real' holiday in 1958, the first since we married.

We'd go in our Morris Minor van-with-windows camping for two weeks, through France, Switzerland and Italy (a 4 ft mattress fit snug in the back!).

The first night we'd booked a hotel in Abbevilla and after dinner walked down the main shopping street. On the opposite pavement we saw someone who looked remarkably like a solicitor friend from home, Geoff Meopham. We decided it couldn't be, as he hadn't appeared to recognise us.

Six weeks later, buying petrol, in followed Geoff, and I told him he had a 'double' in France. "You fool," he said, "that was me." Oh dear!

Exactly 40 years later, having lunch in Lanzarote, with our feet dangling in the pool water, in came a man who did look a bit like our friend (whom we hadn't seen for decades due to moving), though looking much older.

Clipart two people meeting
Without hesitation I rushed over to him and said, "You look remarkably like an old friend, Geoff Meopham from Billericay. This happened 40 years ago and we didn't approach you then, so thought I would now!"

He said, "I'm glad you did, Eric. I've lost my wife so am here to try and recuperate. Nice to have someone to talk to for a week!"

What a reunion!

~ Eric Grant

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  1. You find the coolest newspaper stories, Mike!

    1. I'm surprised how many there seem to be at the moment.

  2. I agree with Trish, just keep posting interesting stories like this!