Saturday, January 9

Jesus Had A Helicopter!

15th century Jesus and Madonna

Jesus with a toy helicopterThis is an interesting 15th century French painting of the Madonna and child as it shows Jesus holding, what looks to be, a toy helicopter with a string pull.

The painting is said to have been completed in 1460, so surprising to see that it includes a helicopter type toy.

It is believed the Chinese had similar tops or toys around 400BC known as a bamboo-copter, bamboo dragonfly or, appropriately, a Chinese top. These were no doubt introduced to Europe at some time after that.

No idea as to the significance of including such a toy in a painting of Madonna and child but there's bound to be a wacky theory out there ... somewhere!

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  1. Very odd! Maybe mom and son were time travelers! How's that for a wacky theory?

    1. Why not a time traveller! Could answer quite a few mysteries.

  2. Anonymous16:16

    The Chinese had in Renaissance Europe a big influence and this toy is probaply a bamboo dragonfly. The Chinese had toys like this since 400 BC