Tuesday, March 22

Infinite Oneness And Limitless Freedom

Monarch Way, Glastonbury

While I was away, last week, I picked up a free advertising magazine, The Oracle, in Glastonbury. It was mostly adverts for therapies, retreats, herbs, massage, shiatsu, acupuncture and so on. There was, however, an article, that may appeal to some readers.

Well how about entertaining this notion? When we sleep, we drop the density and leave our physical bodies, refocussing in the higher dimensions of our Divinity!

Just like the pre-birth state, we are aware of ourselves in infinite oneness and limitless freedom. When we return to our physical vehicles in the morning, we arrive back in our lives, nourished and cleansed, without the inconvenience of infant-hood and teens to go through! It is a daily rebirth and if it wasn't so ordinary and reliable for most of us, we might recognise what a powerful opportunity it is to enjoy the reset.

That time just after awakening is such a potent time to choose what story line you choose to live. If you reach for enjoyable thoughts, revel in your quiet time, breathe light, colour, grace or peace into your cells before attempting to find your place in your story, then you will set yourself off to a good start. 

When times have been tough, reaching for simple and general appreciations will serve you best, like enjoying your breath, the warmth of the bed, the dawn light creeping in ... if you feel good enough sit up and write in a journal your aims of your day ... I welcome ... I call in more ... I am ready for ...

Simply put, if it feels good, then your attitude, thoughts and choices will lead you into more good ... only by bringing loving attention to ourselves can we course correct towards our pleasure and well being.

Source: The Oracle March 2016.

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  1. Great advice! You run across the most interesting articles, Mike.

    1. Typical of Glastonbury, lots of this sort of material in their shops.