Thursday, July 21

An Angry Voice From Her Husband's Grave

Policemen from 1910
1910 Policemen
I guess most readers will say this is all imagination on behalf of the writer. But, who knows ... here's the piece by Pat Lawton.

My husband died 20 years ago and he is buried in the local churchyard. I have been visiting regularly, tidying the grave, placing fresh flowers there and mentally conversing with him.

One unusual thing about him was that he had a great distaste for the police, even though he was never in any kind of trouble.

Last year I was attending his grave when a retired policeman I know came over from his wife's grave to chat to me. I was astounded to hear my husband shout: "Get him away from here."

I immediately turned to the grave - I don't know what I was expecting to - but it was the same as usual.

I looked at the policeman, who obviously had not heard a word. I was not at all frightened, just amazed. Life is so strange - we don't understand lots of happenings, do we?

~ Pat Lawton

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