Saturday, August 27

Meeting Up Thousands Of Miles From Home By Coincidence.

View from Rivington Pike
View from Rivington Pike
Here's a coincidence story from my cuttings, very short, but quite remarkable. It's from Shirley Myerscough who lives in England.

Many years ago, my cousin came to visit me from Canada.

We decided to go for a walk on the moors. We caught a bus to the nearest town and started to walk to one of the highest parts of the moors (Rivington Pike).

After a long walk, we sat on the grass near the beacon. It was a beautiful day, and we could see for miles. There wasn't a soul in sight. Then suddenly we heard a voice saying, "How can I get up there?"

I said to my cousin, "That voice doesn't sound English."

This elderly gentleman appeared. It was the minister from my cousin's church in Vancouver!

~ Shirley Myerscough.

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