Tuesday, August 30

The Immigration Coincidence Story

Ellis Island
Ellis Island: entry facility for immigrants to USA 1892-1954.
A story I received via JC.

My grandparents are immigrants who met each other on the boat to the US. They obviously went on to get married, have children and have lived a happy life together.

Years and years after arriving in America, my grandmother was reminiscing about her trip to the boat and how she nearly missed it.

She told the story of how the car she was in, on the way to the port, broke down. The driver said to her and her sister, "Don't worry ladies. I’ve got a friend up the street who’s handy with this stuff and he’ll help me out. You have a drink here at this pub and I’ll be back in a bit."

An hour or so later he returned and they went on their way.

When my grandma told this story, my grandpa remembered helping to fix a car just before he left for the boat himself. Turns out it was her car he fixed!

The strange thing was, my grandfather wasn’t a mechanic, he was just handy. If he hadn’t been, perhaps my grandmother would have missed the boat and they would never have met.

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  1. What an amazing story!

  2. Do you really think that was an accident JC?
    I've seen enough in my lifetime to tell you that there really are few "accidents" in life.