Monday, September 19

The Babies Arrived At The Same Time Again And Again

Photo: © Mike Perry
Synchronicity today from my cuttings by Janet Tonks - quite remarkable!

Several years ago I ended up in hospital after miscarrying my first child.

On the same day another woman in the ward (Mary) lost her first baby. When I was discharged, I said to her on the way out that I was sure I would see her in the maternity ward on a future occasion!

The next year, I was in the maternity ward having given birth to my daughter.

When my husband came to visit me that evening, he entered the ward and told me he had bumped into Mary's husband on the way in and that Mary had given birth to a son that same day!

I sought her out and we had quite a chat, and when I was discharged I jokingly said I would see her again!

Just over two years later I was back in the maternity giving birth to my second child, a son. I think you can guess the rest!

My husband visited that evening and had again bumped into Mary's husband outside the ward and it turned out that she had given birth to her second child, a son, on that very day.!

~ Janet Tonks.

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  1. This story is incredible! And the!