Sunday, May 10

Charged Up 'My Battery' & Two Coincidences Popped Up

I thought it strange I hadn't had any coincidences for quite a while and then three came together. Nothing very extraordinary but nevertheless showed I was nearly tuned in again.

As regular readers may know the numbers 67 and 76 often occur in my life, sometimes with the addition of the number 9 - as with my Father's Birth Certificate for example.

I checked this blog's stats twice - quite at random times. As can be seen below - they both featured 679 and 769!

My wife and I were talking and she mentioned how we hadn't seen any creatures in our garden for a long time, other than birds. You've guessed it, the very next day we had three visitors.

First was a toad!

Secondly a squirrel, who seemed determined to get into our front porch and kept jumping up against the window. 

Thirdly a large slow worm was curled up near our fence - unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. It seems that 'things' often do come in threes.

I also did a post on my Cornwall blog about the three creatures. See:
The Story of the Toad, the Squirrel and the Slow Worm

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