Tuesday, May 26

How Witches and Warlocks Prevented Hitler From Invading Britain

There have been numerous suggestions as to why Hitler did not invade Britain in World War 2. The German high command had reportedly made their plans to invade, under the name of Unternehmen Seeloewe (operation sealion). So what stopped them?

Well, here's an unusual answer to the question: Magic! Witches and warlocks to be more precise.

The story goes that on the 1st of August 1940 witches and warlocks gathered near to the Rufus Stone in the New Forest. This is where the stone marks the spot where, allegedly, King William II was fatally wounded with an arrow, during a hunting in the Forest, in the year 1100AD.

At this very spot, in a clearing surrounded by trees, the magical participants were naked or, as they call it, sky-clad. The men and women gathered under the light of a waning moon. A fire was burning.

The group joined hands and began to dance in a circle, moving faster and faster, frenzied and more frenzied until they suddenly stop. The circle breaks and the participants form a straight line. 

They begin to rush towards the fire over and over while chanting, "You cannot cross the sea! You cannot cross the sea!" Their chants were directed at Adolf Hitler.

They continue to rush and chant, building a cone of power, which makes their magic more powerful. A member of the group falls exhausted next to the fire.

Over the next three nights the same procedure is repeated over and over until the magic leaves an impression on Hitler's brain. It is said that at that moment the weakest member of the group died from exhaustion.

Of course some will say that Hitler simply invaded East Prussia instead. But, there again,  to quote Wikipedia, also on the 1st August 1940, "Hitler instructed intensified air and sea warfare to establish the necessary conditions for the final conquest of England". Which, of course never happened.

Most will probably say it's a tall story but … who knows!


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