23 May, 2013

Death Is Freedom And All Is Well

Death Is Nothing At All

I have written a similar post to this previously about how Death Is Nothing At All, but a very similar thing happened today.

I wrote recently about how I needed to declutter my office. I was working my way though a case full of bits and pieces and came across a travel card in a plastic wallet which belonged to my mother who died in 2005. The strange thing is, I was thinking about her while I was sorting out.

I pulled the travel card from the see through wallet and behind this was a folded piece of paper. On this was written the very same poem I found once before in another of mum's wallets. On the paper someone had called the poem Death when it is actually called Death Is Nothing At All - you can see the full poem here.

Death Is Nothing At All Poem

It wasn't in my mother's handwriting so someone must have given this to her - it ends with All Is Well - a sign perhaps that all is well with her. I'd like to think so.

Freedom Pass

As for the travel pass itself this is called a Freedom Pass. Is that what death is? Freedom - and then all is well.

Makes you wonder.

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  1. I like the concept you mention of how death is freedom and then all is well. I like to think that's the situation with those I have lost.

    1. It's a nice thought that this might be true.

  2. At your "declutter" I link stepped over to your previous post to have another read. I suppose just like decluttering a space, it benefits us to declutter the heart and mind.

    From what my experiences, intuition, and various books of la-la, have afforded me, death is sleep. There are no memories or otherwise cerebral actions going on. That indeed would be freedom to many. In my world this is enabled as the "given spirit" returns to its creator.

    My personal belief is able to look at all paths and see the synchronicity. Life is quite amazing... and so is your post, Mike.

    1. Thanks Dixie, interesting what you say. For me though death is more than sleep, at least I hope so, though none of us can be entirely sure. But, yes, life is amazing and that's the important bit at the moment.

  3. Beautiful post, Mike. I love this poem, simple and powerful. I clicked over to read the full poem and saw the picture of your mother. What a brilliant smile. And what a great synchro/spirit communication.

    1. Thanks Trish. All of our mothers are something special.

  4. good post mike and i like the poem. i too would like death to be when all is well. good wishes.

  5. Puts a new spin on the phrase "to pass over",and the expiry date March 31st,2004 is just before the actual Passover date for that year Passover 2004 began in the evening of Monday, April 5,and ended in the evening of
    Tuesday, April 13.
    A very symbolic pass in many ways,under the circumstances.

    And the photo of your mother's 80th (8-infinity)looks like she is lighting a Passover candle.


    "Lighting the candles marks the beginning of Passover as well as the end of the huge work of preparation. It contributes to the transition of sanctity".


    I'm not a religious Jew,but there is something beautiful in the old customs that speaks to the heart,as there are in a lot of religions,if only we used the heart more instead of the dogma.

    Which reminds me of one of my favourite movies -


    1. Interesting Darren, I wondered if you would read more into this. I didn't know much about Passover, so never saw the connection. I like the old traditions or customs, from wherever, there is something special about them that has been passed on over hundreds of years.

      Thanks for the links. As for the YouTube clip touched me very much, have to admit a tear or two.

  6. Reading this makes me more interested about death. It's great reading it.

  7. my dad passed away two years ago today, and was searching for this poem to put onto my FB to mark the day.....came across a pic of this hand written note, the writing is pretty identical to my Dads.....thought it was pretty uncanny that on the day of his passing, while searching for this paticular poem, i shoud stumble across this note with almost identical writing........

    1. Thank you for your interesting comment. So strange that the note should be in similar hand writing to that of your dad. Someone had written this for my mum, probably after my father had died. She lived in Hayes, Middlesex - just in case there is any connection.