Friday, May 29

White Doves Bring Her Peace Following the Death of a Loved One

Another dove story from a reader where seeing white doves, following the death of a loved one, brought her peace.

"I would like to share that after my nephew was killed in Afghanistan, I was having a terrible time with the acceptance.

I was sitting outside on the porch that looks over the beautiful desert mountains. There are always lots of birds but never, ever, have I seen pure white birds like the birds which visited me this day. 

There were about eleven or twelve of the most beautiful white doves that flew almost in a pattern with each other. They just circled, played, zipped past me almost close enough to touch. They frolicked having a good time. 

They were beautiful, they were majestic and I was immediately filled with joy, love and the comfort of knowing it was Sean, it was my nephew. I know that … I know that. 

I was so touched by his ability to find a way to express his presence. I have never seen them again. It was a moment that was set aside for me and I am so grateful for that moment. 

Some people look at me funny or may even not believe me. 

For me it makes the unbelievable believable. It brought me peace."

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