Saturday, June 27

Luminosity and Emanating a Blue Glow From her Breasts

There are several stories of human luminosity - this is where a person gives off a coloured glow.

One of the most quoted cases is that of an Italian women named Anna Monaro. While in hospital - she was an asthma sufferer - it is reported that when she was asleep a blue glow would be emanated from her breasts as she slept.

The glow would last for several seconds at a time. Many doctors visited Mrs. Monaro but none could produce a satisfactory explanation as to what they witnessed.

Back in 1934 the case of Anna Monaro was featured in L'illustrazione Italiano and the London Illustrated News.

It appears that doctors at the time decided that she was of a highly sensitive nature. When she was emotionally upset, her visceral functions became unbalanced, her combustion increased and the radiating power of her blood was given a terrific boost.

But that's not very convincing!

There was another documented case mentioned in the English Mechanic from 1869. This told of an American woman who, on going to bed, found that a light was issuing from the upper side of her fourth toe on her right foot. This would last for about 45 minutes. Strange that the doctors weren't quite so excited about seeing this as they were Anna Monaro.


  1. What a weird story! HOpe all is well with you and yours, Mike!

    1. Hello Trish, thanks, we are all as well as we can be in these strange times.
      I still dip into your blog.
      Take care.