Tuesday, July 7

Three Simple Coincidences in Twenty Minutes

You'll find many coincidences on the pages of this blog, some very elaborate and mind blowing but sometimes the simple examples stop and make you think. I had three such coincidences in about twenty minutes.

Firstly I started writing an email and, at exactly the same time, an inward email dinged and it was from the very person I was about to email - both the emails were timed at 4:14.

About 15 minutes later I mentioned to my wife that I was expecting a parcel in the next few days - something I had ordered for my grandson. As soon as I said this the doorbell rung - and there was my parcel arriving early.

Later I was thinking I wanted to show a neighbour a photo I had taken of his garden (as above). At that very moment my wife said she was just popping out to visit the very same neighbour.

Okay, the coincidences are hardly that mind blowing, but isn't it strange how such things happen and usually in a cluster - often in threes.

On some days it's almost like we are switched on to synchronicity while on others we aren't in tune.

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