Monday, July 27

Were the Three White Feathers a Sign That a Guardian Angel Helped Me To Buy a New Car?

I'm writing about white feathers today. No doubt you've heard such stories previously. Some say they are from angels. Perhaps a Guardian Angel. 

I haven't reached a definite opinion about angels and/or white feathers but the following is something that happened to me.

The first time I experienced white feathers was when I bought a new car. There, on a grass verge next to my car, when I went to collect it, were three white feathers, all lined up next to each other. I read afterwards that finding three feathers is supposedly your Guardian Angel letting you know they are about. 

The car purchase was a little odd because, being me, I shopped around for the best price. I took ages deciding and then finally, to my wife's disappointment, reached the conclusion that the car I wanted was slightly too expensive.

That night I tried visualisation, seeing the car at the price I could afford and requesting that this would come about. By this I mean that I sat quietly picturing myself with a new car and buying it at a price I was happy about - cosmic ordering if you like. (Mind you, I should have simply visualised the car being mine without any price tag. I now know better!)

Nevertheless the next day my wife was seeing one of her dressmaking clients. In the general chat my wife mentioned the car I was thinking about buying.

Now by chance / coincidence, or whatever, the client said she had a friend who was a car dealer and sold this particular make. She went on to say he was desperate for a few sales otherwise he could lose his dealership. Seemingly he had to sell a target number of cars each quarter.

She phoned him to see what sort of price he would take for the model I wanted. He gave his 'bottom' price and I said this was still too expensive. He asked what sort of price I hoped to pay. I told him, via the dress making client, and he agreed on a price below what I was willing to pay. He reckoned he wouldn't make any money on the deal - that could have just have been car sales talk. But I was more than happy with the result

So, to sum up, I'd asked the universe / cosmic, or whatever you want to call it, for a car at a certain price and I got it. Then, when I picked up the car, there were three white feathers lying next to it - a message of confirmation perhaps from a higher level? Or just my imagination?

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