Friday, July 31

White Doves as Messengers From the Dead

Today two more readers experiences of seeing white doves after someone dies.

(1) This is all for real. When I was a child our across the street neighbour raised white doves. 

When someone died he would offer the family the opportunity to have a dove released. 

Doing this for my dad, at his passing, the dove flew to dad's house and sat on his porch for three days. This was over 20 years ago. 

Now, just last week, my daughter had an experience where her 26 month old baby was in her crib in the morning. My daughter heard her laughing out loud, like the room was filled with clowns. 

Jenn, my daughter, looked in her monitor to see what was up in the baby's room upstairs. On the monitor Jenn saw her baby standing in her crib watching and seemingly moving her head around as if following something. What Jenn saw was a white dove flying around the baby's room entertaining the baby. 

Amazing for sure, but her baby is blind! My mother also lived with blindness for the last 30 years of her life. 

Jen said she was awestruck and absolutely knew that it was Granny. I also have no doubt she is always around me too.

(2) I don't know how to explain what happened when my grandma passed away about a month and half ago. We released some doves at her funeral. For some reason one of the doves flew up on top of the canopy tent that was shading my grandma's burial site.  It just stood there looking at us, 

We tried pushing the bird from underneath the canopy so it would fly away. 

After thinking about it for a minute, I thought that it was my grandma letting me, and everyone, know that she was there in spirit. I have a picture of this which makes me wonder every time I look at it. I wish someone had an answer as to why this happened. 

Anyway, I love you grandma and miss you dearly.

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