Monday, August 3

He Saw A White Dove As His Brother Died

A story from a reader about his experience of seeing a white dove when his brother died. In his words:

"My brother had a stroke and half of his brain was dead. He had two blood clots, one in his brain and one in his neck. 

The Doctors were unable to do surgery due to it being very dangerous and risky. My brother didn't have a chance at life, we knew he would still soon pass. 

When the day came my mom called me at work and said your brother is taking his last breaths you should get over here. 

So I left work, it's about thirty minute drive. When I got to the freeway exit I saw a beautiful white dove cross my way and it looked like it flew up into the sky. I had a red traffic light so I kept looking for the dove but didn't see it any more. I thought that was weird, then I realized my bother must have passed!" 

I looked at the time and it was 2:12. I later found out that my brother passed at 2:08.

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