Friday, August 21

Maureen Saw A Ghost Wearing A Shirt And Nothing Else

A true, scary, ghostly experience from Maureen

My family, that's me, husband and five year old child, were going on holiday and flying from London's Heathrow Airport, which is about a 200 mile journey from where we live. 

By coincidence a friend told us his father had died and we could use his now empty flat [apartment] to stay overnight. It was only about 10 minutes from the airport. What's more we could also leave our car there as well.

We thought this was great as the flight was early in the morning and it would save us on parking fees and getting up very early to travel to Heathrow

The flat was quite small but perfect for a night's sleep. In the evening we put our son to bed and, after watching a little television, decided to have an early night. I used the bathroom first and settled into bed with my book. The bedroom was virtually opposite the bathroom and I left the door open while my husband showered.

I was reading away and glanced up and saw what I took to be my husband walking down the hall-way. It looked like he was just wearing his shirt and nothing else, which was a bit odd, but I thought no more about it. I imagined he was going to the kitchen for a drink of water or something.

I got back to my book and then heard a noise from the bathroom. This puzzled me and then my husband came out of the bathroom door, wearing a towel around his waist, a shiver went down my spine, "Where's your shirt?" I asked.

He looked strangely at me (nothing unusual there) and said, "Why?"

"Well you were wearing it a few minutes ago when you went to the kitchen."

"What are you talking about? I've been in the bathroom, not the kitchen," he snapped.

Another shiver went down my spine as I explained what I'd seen: the man in a shirt. My husband went and searched the flat but everything was secure, all the doors and windows locked. "Your imagination," he said.

Then we heard our son cry out, "Mum, there's an orange floating in my room."

We both rushed to his room, next to ours, and he was standing on the bed pointing at what appeared to be an orange globe. This travelled along the wall and then suddenly disappeared.

"The man in his nightshirt left it here," said our son. He was trembling with fear.

Again my husband searched the flat but, as before, all was secure. I think even he was a bit spooked by now. The three of us got into bed, leaving the hall light on, and tried to sleep. In the morning we were glad when our taxi arrived to take us to our flight terminal.

We were going to stop at the flat overnight again after our holiday but, instead, we picked up our car from the car park and made our way home. No way was I going inside that flat again.

We told our friend about the incident but he just laughed and joked that it was probably his dad wondering what we were doing there. As for the globe, maybe a reflection from passing traffic.

I don't know what or who it was but I know what I saw.

~ Maureen

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