Thursday, April 14

Best Of Friends: Daisy The Ghost And Jasper The Dog

Daisy chain

A ghost story today but a nice gentle one. A ghost, a mirage or just imagination? Betty Collins isn't sure but is convinced she saw something.

This spooked me briefly when it first happened but now I feel quite relaxed about it.

I live in Devon, England and three months ago moved into an old cottage with a lovely big garden at the rear which is perfect for me and my dog Jasper.

I was in the conservatory at the back of the cottage having some lunch and Jasper was outside. He was sitting still and looked to be quite happy. Both of us contented, we got on with what we were doing, me eating bread and cheese while reading a magazine and him sitting in the fresh air.

I glanced up from my magazine and couldn't believe what I saw. There was a young girl, maybe about nine or ten years old and she was stroking Jasper's head. Some guard dog I thought!

I then realised that the girl was in a long, white, old fashioned nightie. I got up to find out who she was and she vanished slowly before my eyes. Jasper shook his head and got up to walk towards me, furiously wagging his tail.

The girl was definitely gone. "A ghost," I thought, "no, can't be."

It puzzled me and sent a shiver up my spine. Over the next couple of days I forgot all about my ghost and never felt uneasy or frightened in the cottage.

About a week later, again at lunch time, I glanced out of the window and Jasper was lying on the grass and the girl was back. She was stroking him and I noticed she had a ring of daisies around her almost golden coloured hair. I stood as still as I could and it looked so real. Jasper was enjoying the attention.

I went to move into the garden and the girl faded away. Jasper turned his head like he was looking for her but she had disappeared.

I've seen her once more but that was now over six weeks ago and nothing since.

The cottage where I am living goes back to the mid 1800s so I'm thinking the girl must have lived there once upon a time. Her nightdress looked Victorian.

I wouldn't mind seeing her again, I call her Daisy, as she was so gentle looking and radiated goodness.

I've asked my nearest neighbours if they have heard of any ghost stories about my cottage but they looked at me like I was mad. I wonder if I'll ever see Daisy again.

~ Betty

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  1. What a beautiful story! I think animals see spirits frequently. I hope Daisy returns!