Sunday, August 9

The Magic of the Hag Stone

Hag Stone

Nope, it's not some sort of ancient dinosaur it's just a stone with a hole.

Hag Stone

Much to my wife's despair I tend to collect stones and shells and odd bits from our walks. Many end up on the windowsill of the room I call my office.

"Ah", I said, when I showed her my latest stone, "but this one is a Hag Stone." She still wasn't impressed. But, as I'd only just learned what a Hag Stone was, I wasn't totally surprised.

It seems that a Hag Stone is any stone that has a natural hole. It's said that if you look through the hole you can often see the little people and the land of the fairies, piskeys, pixies. So who wouldn't want one of these stones!

Hag Stone

It is said that the stones can also be used magically for the healing of many ailments and there's still more. They can also be used to protect against witches and to ward off any unwanted spirits of the dead.

Hag Stone

A touch of magic is always useful!

As for the rusty nail below and in other photos, this was part, a very small part of course, of an ancient harbour. My wife was delighted when I brought home this treasure ...

Kindly note this post was first published on my Mike's Cornwall blog : The Magical Hag Stone.

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