Saturday, January 16

Coincidence Or Synchronicity - Example 10

This isn't a big flashy coincidence but nevertheless I thought I'd tell you about it as it only happened yesterday. I liked what teapotshappen said of these sort of 'smaller' coincidences when he left a comment yesterday. He described them as, "a wink from the Universe."

I had been clearing out the loft in our house and came across a case full of bits and pieces from when I was a child. Amongst the items were two autograph books. I kept these out as I wanted to look at them to see if any of the more famous names might be of interest.

An autograph I did notice, as I absent mindedly flicked quickly through the pages, was one of somebody called Don Robertson who wrote in my book, "Hi Mike, Don Roberston Yo-Yo Instructor."
I didn't think any more about this until I was watching The One Show on (UK) television last night. Who did they bring on as an odd interest item? Yes, an 81 year old Don Roberston!

Seemingly Don is still technically the reigning yo-yo champion because the title has not been contested since he won many years ago - and I've got his autograph! Small world.

There was another aspect of this coincidence as well. On the front of my autograph book (pic right) was the word 'Corbiere'. I had never realised this previously.

Corbiere is something I mentioned in my post Coincidence or Synchronicity - Example 4 about how I dreamt a future happening, where the word Corbiere played an important part. By another coincidence I also used to live in Corbiere Avenue, years back, when I bought my very first house.

I am starting to feel that these are indeed 'winks from the Universe!' Ten, twenty, forty or hundreds of years apart are all linked and threaded together. In some respect time is meaningless.

And just in case anyone is interested in either yo-yo's or Don Robertson here's an old fashioned video I found titled Don Robertson Live Yo-Yo 1990


  1. That is quite strange, 'uncanny' you might say, if you were being a smartass.

    I'm often quite cynical about such 'winks from the universe' but I must admit, things do sometimes crop up that we can't explain.

    Anyway, interesting read, will be back to check out future posts.

  2. Seen you link over at FMB, thanks for posting the video.

  3. Alex: It's good to be cynical. I'm not trying to convince anyone that coincidences have any real meaning. I leave that up to individuals to decide.

    WhiteBullie: Nice to see you here, thanks for the visit.

    Thanks for the comments,

  4. this is a perfect 'meant to be' story. and thanks for visiting me...

  5. Very interesting coincidence.

    I've noticed that we notice things like this often- you were thinking about the name of the yo-yo instructor, and when he appeared on the tv, you were already subconsciously looking for him.

    Fascinating blog you've got here. Good stuff.

  6. Anonymous04:32

    Hi again Mike
    I`ve only just commented on another of your posts about my "Portugal coincidence" but feel compelled to share with you a remarkable set of coincidences concerning a date.For some reason,as a child I was always fascinated by the Titanic disaster.It took place on April 15th 1912.Despite myself being Welsh my fathers family hail from Nottingham and thus I have been a lifelong Notts Forest fan ,who were of course Liverpools Semi Final opponents on the day of the Hillsborough disaster that occurred April 15th 1989.It gets even weirder from here.My mother died on April 8th 1997.The funeral was set for a week later April 15th which also happened to be the 30th birthday of my partner at the time.(Coincidentally(again) on the way to the crematorium there was a sheet with "Happy 30th Birthday" written on it hung over a sign on a roundabout)Two years later in 1999 I moved to a new flat and was given the movong in date April 15th.On arriving at the flat the electric failed and I had to stay with friends.I believe it was T.S.Eliot who wrote "April is the cruellest month".Needless to stay I tend to stay in on April 15th nowadays

  7. Hello anon: Thanks so much for your coincidence as above, I may well include this in a furture post.
    Best wishes,

  8. This reminds me of a remarkable thing that once happened to me.
    I was on the phone with my cousin who was telling me that she was to fly out to visit her brother in Orlando, Florida, that afternoon. I told her that my sister had visited a town near there that was full of psychics, and I knew that she (my cousin) would like to visit there, but I couldn't remember the name of the town.
    I couldn't call my sister, as she was out of the country at the time, and this was pre-look it up on the internet days, so I struggled to remember. Then, just as we were about to say goodbye, a commercial on the TV got my attention with the announcement, "A town full of psychics, Casadega, Florida, next on Geraldo!"
    I have so many examples that involve the TV. Here's another quick one:
    My sister said to my daughter, "When your mother found out you were moving back here she said...," and here she sang, "Hallelujah!" Just then my husband turned on the TV which had a choir that sang, "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!" in exact timed response to her. Needless to say, we were all stunned.
    These stories are so much fun!

  9. Anonymous01:26

    My grown daughter & I were texting in the morning. She called me during the texts because she said I sounded weird. When she called she asked why I sounded weird and 'if I needed her to be my wingman that she needed to be in the drivers seat.' It made me laugh and I decided to go to visit her as she lives in the next town over... I picked her up and I needed to run in the store so she waited in the car, while checking out in the grocery store I was standing behind a man with a tattoo down the back if his arm that said in all caps 'WINGMAN' it was so odd , I came out immediately and we laughed about how weird it was haha