Saturday, January 2

Coincidence or Synchronicity - Example 4

CorbiereToday my personal coincidence or synchronicity examples feature dreams and how they foresaw the future.

(1) The first goes back to 1976 but it's one that I remember distinctly because I dreamt the winner of the British Derby.

The thing about this is that I knew absolutely nothing about horse racing, I'd never even had a bet on a horse race or was aware of the names of any 'good' horses. However in 1976 I woke and told my wife that I knew who would win the Derby that day. I said it would be Empery. She just gave me an odd look, the way wives sometimes do.

That morning we went out and passed a bookies, with parking space, and my wife said that, for fun, I should place a bet on Empery because of my dream. I didn't though as I said that I had no idea what to do and besides, "Who believes in dreams?"

Needless to say Empery won the Derby Stakes that afternoon at 10/1 odds.

(2) In 1983 I did it again. This time I dreamt the winner of the Grand National. Again I told my wife the name of the winner: Corbiere. I also mentioned this to a friend, in advance of the race.

Once more I didn't have a bet on the race and Corbiere was the winner.

There are two strange things about both of these dreams - the only two I have ever had about horse racing winners. Even though I hadn't seen a list of horses running in the races, or had the slightest interest in the races, the horses names do have links to me.

(a) Empery is my name, well sort of. I am M.Perry so that is pronounced empery.

(b) I previously lived in Corbiere Avenue.

So what does all this mean? Well there is an obvious synchronicity in the horses names and myself. Did I somehow pick up on this by some means or other? It's just another mystery in the world or Coincidence and Synchronicity.

Does the Universe / World talk to us and sometimes guide us with coincidences. I have, for example, also had other dreams that appear to have looked into the future.

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  1. I had a dream the night before my great-grandmother passed away. I hadn't seen her in about a year, she lived had lived in another state. I hadn't talked to her in about a week, i found out later this was because she was in a coma. In the dream i had been in my room when the phone rang, i answered it and i heard my grandma. the conversation went like this.
    "Hey Grandma"
    "Hello Bree"
    "how are you doing? i miss you alot"
    "I haven't been feeling to well, i miss you too"
    "well at least I'm coming out next month then i can see you and mom and the rest of the family"
    "they will be so happy to see you, i wont be there though I am leaving this week. i love you. i have to go now"
    "i love you too. maybe you'll be back from your trip by the time i get out there."
    thats where the conversation ended and i hung up the phone the next morning my dad came in my room and told me my grandmother had passed away earlier in the morning. this happened in December of 2005. i was 11, i have had plenty of dreams with meaning but none never as clean.

  2. Anonymous02:05

    I often have dreams that tell me of the future. This particular story of yours blew me away. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I live in California and we recently had a tragic occurrence of a family gong over a cliff and into the rocks and ocean in their van. It looks as though this might have been done intentionally by the driver and the entire family perished. The same night it happened I had a dream that I was sitting in the passenger side of a vehicle and that we drove off a cliff. I remember the feeling of being air borne and thinking, "Well this is it, it can't be undone now." I also remember thinking, almost immediately, "No, no, this is a mistake." and frantically hoping that we would end up hitting the water right side up and that we would somehow float and be OK. Then I knew that that was not going to happen and it was not going to be OK. That was the end of the dream. I was so shocked and saddened to read the next day about what had happened.