Saturday, February 20

The Advantage Of Being Mistaken For Someone Else

Mrs. Perry poppiesI'm not sure if this comes under the category of coincidences and synchronicity but it's something that has worked to my advantage.

Sometimes I get mistaken for someone else, usually with the same surname.

A couple of examples.

My wife and I were on a holiday / vacation in Wales and I thought we deserved a meal in a good restaurant. I phoned to make a reservation and whoever I spoke to was extremely polite, almost over the top and I booked a table for 8.30pm.

We got to the restaurant at about 8.15pm, we walked in, I said I was Mr.Perry and had a reservation.

"Ah Mr. Perry," was the reply or words to that effect, "Lovely to see you again. How was South Africa?"

I was a little unsure what to say but, to my wife's embarrassment, I just went along with it. Who was I to argue? "Fine thanks." Needless to say I hadn't been to South Africa.

The meal was superb, we had one of the best tables and the service was first class. We almost felt like royalty.

The second instance was again when we were on holiday / vacation. This time in the USA. We were travelling through Phoenix and had booked an hotel for two nights in advance.

I walked over to reception and the person behind the desk said, "Mr. Perry, how nice to see you again. We have given you the same room."

I had never been to Phoenix previously (I live in England) or, for that matter, the part of Wales where the restaurant I mentioned was situated.

What does this mean? To be honest I don't really know, but there have been quite a few similar instances. All I can say is that mostly when it happens it's to my advantage, as I get well looked after.

Anyone else had this sort of thing happen?

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Photo: Mike Perry 2010 - Lookalike poppies called Mrs.Perry


  1. Here's a story about the authors John Irving & John Updike: apparently they had a regular correspondence but barely knew each other aside from having had lunch together once. Their correspondence consisted of sending each other letters that each had received for the other! Irving said he would receive affectionate letters for John Updike about five times a year, and vice versa -- even though each one never understood how he could be mistaken for the other!

  2. You have a Doppelganger! And it sounds as if your Doppelganger moves in interesting circles, Mike.

  3. Mike - after reading this one again, could we repost with a link? I so love doppelganger stories. They are synchros of a different sort, I think.

  4. Have you googled your name to find out who those 2 other men could've been? :)
    I can't remember similar happen to me...
    Have a relaxing Sunday!


  5. Kitti Carricker: Thank you for that story, something I hadn't heard before - fascinating!

    Trish and Rob: Okay to repost. What amazes me is how they happened in two different countries i.e. Wales and USA. If they had both been in the same area it would have seemed more understandable.

    BLOGitise: I'll Google them! Haven't done so but there are quite a few Michael Perry's in the world.

    Thanks all,

  6. Thanks, Mike! I agree on the geographical disparity. That's plenty weird.

  7. Anonymous16:34

    I have a bit of a coincidence for you! My ex-husband, his father & our son are all named Mike. My step-fathers name is Perry. When I was a child we lived near Phoenix:) I happened to look out the window to our new neighbors accross the street the other day only to see a large truck that says "Cornwell tools" pretty close to "Cornwall" . Love your blog btw,
    Lisa Utah, U.S.A