Friday, February 19

The Secret Answer To Problems And Questions

One of the things which interests me is to how we can introduce into our lives more meaningful coincidences or synchronicity. It seems logical to me that if we can, say, create a car parking space then we can also make absolutely anything else happen - even though it may not be necessarily 'good' for us.

I still remember the very first time I tried to find an answer to a question via asking the universe (or whatever you may prefer to call it). It was as a very young man and I'd read about mind power for the very first time. I tested out getting an answer and chose a bit of a silly question.

Mount EverestI asked the universe how high Mount Everest was. This was way before the Internet but I could have looked this up in an encyclopedia or something similar. I decided, however, to wait for the 'magical' answer.

The next day the newsagent didn't have my normal daily paper so I chose a different one at random. I got to my then desk at work, opened the newspaper up, and there in front of me was an article about someone climbing Everest. It also gave the height of the mountain (29,035 ft).

Since that time I've asked for hundreds and hundreds of answers to all sorts of proper questions applicable to my life. I can't say I always get an answer but sometimes the problem I had solves itself so I don't really need the answer. But, more times than not I'm happy with the outcome.

I'm not into organised religion but there are many truths within the Christian Bible. A couple of examples, relative to what I'm writing about in this post:

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. St.Luke 11.9

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever you desire, when ye pray, believe that you receive them, and ye shall have them. St.Mark 11.24

In other words we have to ask for what we want. And this is pretty much what most of the self help / visualisation techniques such as Cosmic Ordering are based.

When we ask, things start to happen, coincidences if you like.

Now I don't look on this as a way for material gain, though it can be used as such. As I see it, it's up to individuals as to how they use this 'secret' and they should consider the consequences of any requests.

This post isn't a 'How To' get rich system, but the universe will look after us - we can receive what we request. We just have to be careful what we wish for!

If you are unfamiliar with asking the universe for answers, or anything else, one bit of advice, which works for me, is to ask and then ... nothing. Forget about it.

A bit like when we mail a letter. We don't start thinking about the van collecting the letter, the sorting office, the trains and maybe planes involved, the delivery man. We simply pop the letter in the post/mail box and forget it, knowing that it will be delivered.

This is also how the universe seems to work too. It's not up to us as to how the answer or item requested will come about. We simply have to know that it will and, as is often said, remember that 'God works in mysterious ways.'


  1. Great post! Love that everest story. And I figure you're right...ask and then forget about it!

  2. Thank you for reminding me about this. Not sure why I forget to ask. I read Jerry and Esther Hick's book (Ask and It Shall Be Given) about 2 years ago, and I guess I forgot to put what I read into practice.
    Glad I stopped in here this evening. As always a good read!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Mike - good points, all. Thanks for the link to cosmic ordering. It's another book I hadn't heard about!

  4. Trish and Rob: Thanks - as for the Cosmic Ordering book I included the link because it sold like mad in the UK a while back after being endorsed by a Television presenter. He reckoned he attracted a new TV show (after being off TV for years), a new house and girlfriend. The book also had big sales in Germany. To be truthful though it's not all that well written!

    maggie's garden: The times I do that, read something, get enthused and then don't do anything about it! I always have an excuse. Best wishes.