Friday, April 30

Coincidence Near Misses

hour glass: coincidence near missesThis blog has published a lot of coincidence or synchronicity examples, some being more impressive than others - but none about the 'near misses.'

By this I mean situations where a coincidence could/should have happened but somehow didn't quite materialise.

As regular readers will know, my wife was recently in Germany visiting her brother who hadn't been too well. While there she also contacted a cousin and paid her a visit. At the cousin's house was also another cousin, who my wife hadn't seen for about twenty years.

On talking to this other cousin they got chatting about travel and holidays and she mentioned how she had been to the Canary Islands this year. My wife told her that we had also been to the Canary Islands.

They then compared notes. It seems we - my wife and I - were in the islands at exactly the same time as this cousin, but there was more to it than this.

We were actually in hotels next to each other, at the same time, and visited many similar places probably on the same days. The cousin even had a drink or two in our hotel.

Somehow though we never all met up. So this was a near miss coincidence.

I got to thinking about this and realised we'd had a few other small near miss coincidences recently. I've been trying to think what this means. Perhaps we've been slightly out of sync or maybe the coincidences didn't happen for some other reason.

Coincidence near misses, of course, may be happening to all of us and we simply aren't aware of them. If only we had been a couple of minutes later or taken a different route and so on, then who knows what we may have experienced.

Perhaps it's a lesson to bring our intuition into play a little more. To ask ourselves what time we should go somewhere or what route to take ...

Who knows what we could be missing out on and what a difference this could make to us. Coincidences or synchronicity can change lives.

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  1. Interesting concept! After Rob and I met, we learned we had both been in Edinburgh the same week in July 1975. Near miss.